Tucker Carlson: Biden’s immigration amnesty plan would ‘end our democracy’

President Joe Biden’s sweeping amnesty plan is based on a lie about the size of the illegal immigrant population it would benefit, Tucker Carlson revealed Wednesday.

Biden’s bill is a political power grab that will “end our democracy” and establish one-party rule by minting potentially tens of millions of new Democratic voters — many more than Biden and his allies are acknowledging publicly, Carlson warned during his self-titled Fox News program, according to Breitbart.

“It would end our democracy”

Going by the official numbers, Biden’s amnesty proposal would create at least 11 million new American citizens. That’s a population bigger than most U.S. states, as Carlson pointed out.

While that alone is huge, Biden and his allies are actually downplaying the profoundly negative consequences his amnesty plan would have for Americans.

Democrats have been veering sharply left on immigration for years, of course. The reason for this, many speculate, is that Dems believe open borders will increase the number of Democratic voters. That’s precisely the motivation behind Biden’s bill, Carlson said Wednesday.

The measure’s real purpose is to entrench the power of the Democratic Party and establish one-party rule — as for Americans, they will be disenfranchised, and left footing the bill for their new countrymen who Democrats want to provide with free health care, Carlson charged.

“In effect, it would end our democracy,” the Fox host said, according to Breitbart. “People who have lived here all of their lives, paid taxes, followed the rules, been good citizens, would find their votes diluted to the point of irrelevance.”

The left’s lies

The 11 million figure is also unreliable, Carlson said, but has been repeated ad nauseam by political leaders as if it’s an established fact — and Democrats are now latching onto it to jam through Biden’s proposal.

The number is derived from the Census Bureau, but it rests on a huge and shaky assumption: that the vast majority of illegal immigrants actually respond to surveys.

A 2018 estimate by MIT and Yale put the number as high as 30 million, while another from investment firm Bear Stearns in 2005 suggested the number was, at that time, 20 million, Carlson reported.

The point is no one — Joe Biden included — really knows how many people are actually living in America without authorization, so we can’t really know the full effect of the president’s amnesty plan before it passes. That’s just what Democrats want.

“They want you to believe it is 11 million always and forever,” Carlson said Wednesday, according to Breitbart. “And by the time you figure out they are lying to you, it will be too late to do anything about it, obviously.”

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25 Responses

  1. Joe Biden is the worst president. He is destroying America. It’s time to take back America from these communists traitors the democrats. You sheep please stay in your homes your useless to our freedoms and rights.

    1. Yes I’m with you 100%. I’m a military veteran from the Viet Nam era and I don’t understand why the American Sheeple have been blind to this BS for years. Sheeple that watch the fake news have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker and I’ve learned that all the so called “Fact Checkers” can be bought if they are paid enough, If I offered “Snopes” or any other so called “Fact Checkers” a few million bucks, I’m pretty sure they would post anything I wanted to be true. I would guess right now current military enlistment is at an all time low. Why would a real patriot sacrifice their life for a country run by fools?

      1. Do not give up on God nor America. People are getting awake to all the evi l that is and turning to God for help. No more playing the fence, footsie with evi l. MUCH good is going on as we discover who is good and who is evi l. This post does a lot of politically corr ect why I chop words

    2. There should be a way to put a stop to some of this, he is not there mentally a lot of the time. Kamala doesn’t care, guess she wants to be like China. One thing I think, if they get free health care we all deserve, people can quit there jobs & go on welfare, and stop paying bills, just do nothing.

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  3. It was the far left whole idea and plan, why censor my comments, if the truth hurts so be it, the fool in the oval office isn’t running this country, it’s his puppets

  4. We’re screwed….PERIOD.
    Thanks Justices Barrett, Kavanaugh and Roberts. You three swore to uphold the Constitution and you failed miserably.
    Hopefully someone someday will do a real investigation to find out WHY you three keep siding with the 3 liberals on the court who hate Trump.

  5. Why complain if no one has a solution how to change or stop the left wing train to one party Eule ,come with solutions because voting is not one the fraud is what it’s and the courts will not do a thing they are intimidated by the mob.

  6. This a second try to write my comments. It is sad that the DEMS are writing several bills that will help destroy our way of government .There are many Americans who have become citizens through the correct process are going to be negated by these bills. It is sad that the puppets in congress are following that requests of the rich and powerful money handlers leaving the rest of us as servants and share croppers.

  7. Something is very terrible and very sad with what this country now has sitting on the SCOTUS. The highest court in the land is made up of justices that forgot the oath they took to perserve the Constitution. They are supposed to throw out their biases and vote accordingly. What we now have sitting are 3 liberal judges that HATE Trump and will stick together and vote against him. Then we have what I consider RINO judges, Barrett, Kavanaugh and Roberts who so far seem to be siding with the 3 liberals.
    This election has caused me to lose all respect for this Court. I think the RINO’s are scared about something and whatever it is, it must be exposed. Without a SCOTUS that rules fairly and honestly, America is doomed.

    1. How do we do that? Remember the old saying ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”! Maybe it’s time to start throwing some sticks and stone(or even logs and boulders)!

  8. This immigration plan is so bad.It is just a plan to keep democrats in power.Americans need to wake up before it is too late.Our government isbout of control and we will loose our voices being heard.It is no longer about the people just the power to control our lives.

  9. The blame does not rest entirely on the democrats. The establishment republican swamp and the RINO’s have squandered their time when they could have actually stopped a lot of this nonsense. Instead they played politics and lined their own nests rather than work for the greater good. Big tech should never have been allowed to attain their power. The immigration mess could have been fixed. Election fraud could have been abated with voter ID. Dishonest media could have been cleaned up. All issues that have perpetuated for decades throughout administrations of both parties. All that due to a populaton that is an uninformed rabid partisan herd of voters. As Orwell stated ,”People that elect corrupt politicians ,imposters ,thieves ,and traitors are not victims , but accomplices.”

  10. President Trump has the golden touch. Even his “mistakes” are not bad. Was anyone worshipping the golden statue. Everyone in this world, unless they have a phobia, has pictures of someone and a statue of something be it gold or not. It’s just a picture or a statue unless you worship and pray to it. Silly people.

  11. We know that but it wouldn’t happen if we had an honest rest of government meaning to start a decent DOJ especially in SCOTUS.

  12. I wish PRESIDENT TRUMP would make a non partisan nation wide road trip. I think this would show how much support of the average American people he really has.Maybe this would force the the smaller local news companies into reporting how popular a President he truly is,and hopefully at the same time expose the Main Stream Media to be the crooked anti Trump liars they have been for the last four years

    1. Nice dream but reality is a different picture. Dems are dead set on ruining this country and with sleepy Biden in the White House they have a great chance of doing just that.

  13. Everyone in DC, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Mitch Mac need to be voted out of office IMMEDIATELY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!! Everyone needs to pray DAILY for God to save our great nation and preserve our Constitution, our Bill of Rights

  14. All comments very valid but no one said what to do about this except complain to each other. We go to our computer & read what the democrats are doing & how horribly evil, unlawful etc. etc. etc. this is, BUT NOT ONE OF YOU EVEN THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE (WHO I LIKE AS A NEWS PERSON VERY MUCH) TELLS US ANYTHING WE CAN DO TO STOP THIS!!!
    I & a few others keep telling you call your Senators & Congress people & keep complaining about this to THEM — THEIR CAUSING THE PROBLEM IT IS TIME THEY HEARD YOUR OPINION. Don’t call once & expect action call everyday or more if you have time, leave your message & phone number & tell them to call you back, keep calling until we burn up their phones & even call other senators & congress keep push your demands for change on them!!
    Otherwise say good by USA HELLO COMMUNISIUM!!
    1-202-225-3121 you can reach both one at a time calling this number, get a pad ready wright down things you want changed & LET THEM HAVE IT UNTIL THINGS CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Every attorney general in every state needs to file suit against this foolish plan! Paxton in Texas started the ball rolling, showing how devastating this amnesty plan and open borders plan is, our attorney generals must get on board and do the same! Call your a.g. Ask them to file suit to block this! We can do it if we stand united! This is OUR country, we must defend it or loose it!

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