FNC’s Carlson exposes an important double standard taking place under Pres. Biden

The Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson recently exposed a coronavirus double standard that is taking place here in the United States under the Biden administration. 

According to Carlson, this double standard is meant “to humiliate you and demoralize you.”

The one standard

Carlson began the segment by highlighting coronavirus policy changes that have occurred since Biden has taken office.

One such change, Carlson noted, is the requirement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that all “air passengers” entering the United States provide a negative COVID-19 test before boarding a plane. Another change is that travelers, these same travelers that have already provided a negative COVID-19 test, are required to wear facemasks or face a steep fine and possibly even a lifetime ban on air travel.

Carlson also briefly brought up how Democratic leadership in many states have kept schools closed, shut businesses down, and have enacted social distancing rules that have kept loved ones apart.

This, Carlson emphasized, is all done for our own safety. Or, at least, so they say.

The other standard

We already have seen many prominent Democrat leaders breaking their own coronavirus restrictions. Carlson briefly mentioned this, but what he really focused on was something that is even more troubling: it is the fact that while Americans are being held to the above standard, illegal aliens are being held to a much different one.

Carlson demonstrated this by pointing out that the Biden administration has enacted a catch-and-release policy, and that, at the moment, illegal immigrants are being released into American communities without COVID-19 testing of any kind.

At the same time, President Joe Biden has put into effect a moratorium on the deportation of all illegal aliens, including those “who have been convicted of drug offenses, assault, DUI, money laundering, property crimes, fraud, tax evasion, or who have gang tattoos.”

So much for American safety.


As Carlson put it, “there’s one standard for you, a member of the despised and much-bullied plebe class, and another very different standard for politically favored groups who can do whatever they want.” Carlson finished the segment by asking why this is the case.

Here’s Carlson’s answer:

This isn’t a policy. It’s an act of aggression. It’s designed to humiliate you and demoralize you.

Reckless and destructive immigration policy is the penalty you are paying for your white supremacy. It’s almost too dark to believe that’s their motive, too dark to believe it’s real, but it is.

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14 Responses

  1. Seems like Biden is hell bent on destroying our country. And people think Trump was bad?? We need help, folks and we need it NOW!

  2. Exactly…Biden gets to have his family at the Lincoln Memorial unmasked.And American Citizens can’t get to gether for Thanksgiving????
    When do we say ENOUGH!!!!!
    A BLIND person could see through this SMOKE.

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  4. ??? Why does every Democrats stick like glue with their party on EVERY crazy new legislation that somebody in there party brings to the floor?
    Why do they even waste time taking a roll call vote? These Politicians don’t represent their constituents, there representing their colleagues.

    1. The reason is that the party holds the purse strings and backing for elections. Just ask Schumer he controls the money.

  5. They stick up for each other, because it is lining their pockets with tons of cash for Silicon Valley. I think we all ought to ship silicon valley to China, where they belong and live like them and see if they like it.

  6. The object is also to keep us separated to keep us from forming group opinions of what needs to happen. We are not dangerous unless we link up. Take a lesson from BLM and ANTIFA; that’s their plan.

  7. democrats are destroying America——all that money the democrats stealing will not do them any good when the economy is gone————-

  8. Why don’t the states themselves put a travel ban on illegals because of the covid-19 virus to stop the spread. I don’t think Biden could stop them, states rights to protect their people. This would give the states time to come up with something else to stop this madness, insanity of this nut case in the dark house.

    1. I think the states could do it. The invaders are never going to be citizens. They don’t play by the same rules as you or I, I know because I am surounded by them. They don’t know who or what we are and they don’t care or want to know. If they understood Americans, they might want to be one. They brought their culture and country with them. So possibly, Good Bye America. Contempt for Americans, lie, cheat and steal.

  9. Not all of America want open borders and have made it very clear in every way possible that we want a choice on this idiocy and not rammed down our throats to threaten our sovereignty and public safety .

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