Carlson warns FBI agents could have been in on Capitol riot plot

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson presented a new counternarrative to the prevailing media assertion that the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill represented a violent insurrection.

Highlighting a new report that suggests FBI agents might have been involved in the attack, Carlson called on Congress to investigate the troubling possibility.

Bombshell new report

If true, the scenario would alter how the event is being used by some in the media and progressive political circles to justify a domestic crackdown on civil liberties.

Carlson accused Big Tech firms of attempting to stifle his report but thanked the “morons” at Twitter for unintentionally vindicating the point he made in a previous broadcast.

In his opening monologue on Tuesday, the host discussed a report from Revolver News about the role that several “unindicted coconspirators” might have played in the attack, speculating that they could have been FBI agents.

The lack of charges is odd, he argued, given the exhaustive dragnet that prosecutors have used against other defendants allegedly involved in criminal behavior on Capitol Hill that day.

Carlson noted that charging documents identify a “Person 2” who stayed in a hotel room with defendant Thomas Caldwell and “stormed the barricades” during the Jan. 6 incident. A “Person 3” was reportedly part of a “quick reaction force.”

“The consensus of reality”

His monologue provoked a number of fact-checkers to discount the allegations. MSNBC host Chris Hayes accused Carlson of spreading “propaganda” with an intention to “break the consensus of reality.”

Of course, the only “consensus” the Fox News host appeared to challenge is that of media figures who have spent months pushing an all-out war against American citizens who spoke out against the results of November’s election.

Hayes also seemed unaware that the FBI has reportedly been engaged in entrapment schemes aimed at luring troubled individuals into terror plots.

The Revolver article discussed parallels between the Capitol riot and a plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, which involved several FBI informants and agents and whose alleged ringmaster was a man living in the basement of a business.

For his part, Carlson is calling on Congress to use its subpoena power as part of an “immediate” investigation into the federal government’s potential role in the Capitol building breach. It seems clear that his concerns, like those of anyone who challenges the status quo on this issue, are upsetting the media elite.

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  7. I am so sick and tired of having to look at the comments from these idiots that have nothing to do with the subject matter. To me, these platforms have no trouble with censoring our comments. So why are they any different toward these idiots. Simply refuse to allow these comments to post.

  8. You can guarantee that someone from the government (DEEP STATE) was involved in allowing people inside the capitol. As a matter of fact, one of the videos show the capitol police ushering people inside the capitol. That’s the reason the government doesn’t want to get to the bottom of this thing because they will be implicated. No difference between hiding those government actors than those who committed voter fraud.Thy are trying their best to stop any audit because they will be implicated.

  9. Sadly, the problem is there is NO ONE you can trust within the system any more, because of ulterior motives floating about. Fortunately we have a precious few whose history tells us they mean what they say and they say what they mean, but January 6th is a great example, that was made to look as though Trump was all over it, but in fact, we learn Pelosi is in charge of Security at the Capitol, the attack started before Trump had finished speaking to his followers at the other end of Pennsylvania Ave, and, because of the timing, the Conservatives debating that the Electoral College vote was legitimate was termininated. When I saw those breaking in, they looked like NO Conservative following Trump ever looked, and the whole debacle became more and more strange in the watching, and then in the aftermath, where Pelosi could hardly wait to call for another Impeachment of Trump! Just saying, my money is on Pelosi and her cronies putting the whole thing together for yet another Impeachment effort!

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