Carlson claims Jill Biden gave Joe Biden pills to mask cognitive decline during 2020 campaign

President Joe Biden’s physical and mental health decline has become increasingly obvious but it is actually nothing new, as evidence of his cognitive shortcomings were readily apparent, if deliberately downplayed or ignored by Democrats and the media, during the 2020 campaign season.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in a recent review of the president’s visible decline, asserted Friday that Biden’s deterioration was known in 2019 but was covered up by the media and masked from the public with drugs administered under the guidance of future first lady Jill Biden, the Daily Wire reported.

Carlson, citing an unnamed source said to have personally witnessed the pill-popping, claimed that unspecified drugs were given to Biden prior to public appearances in order to transform him from a child-like state into a man capable of delivering prepared remarks at campaign events — albeit, just barely.

Biden’s decline was evident during the campaign

It was during the opening segment of Carlson’s Fox News program Friday night that the host spent some time recalling the increasingly obvious cognitive decline of candidate-turned-President Biden over the past three years.

He noted that anybody who dared publicly question the state of Biden’s mental health, such as himself or former White House physician-turned-Rep. Ronnie Jackson (R-TX), was immediately denounced by Democrats and the media or, in Jackson’s case, received a stern letter of admonishment from former President Barack Obama.

Yet, now even some in the media, and likely even some Democrats behind closed doors, are finally beginning to take notice of what many Republicans and independents observed during the campaign — that Biden’s cognitive capabilities are substantially impaired and he has no business being the president of the United States.

Biden given pills prior to public appearances

“How did he manage to get through the campaign?” Carlson asked at one point. “Well, it turned out, we learned later, his staff supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance, checking the time and at a certain hour, giving him a dose of something.”

“Now, it’s not a guess. We’re not making that up. We’ve spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times,” he continued. “Now, before taking the medication, this person said, Biden was ‘like a small child. You couldn’t communicate with him.’ He changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs.

“No one’s pushing to know what those drugs are. We should know,” Carlson said. “But the point is, Joe Biden’s dementia was perfectly obvious to everyone around him more than three years ago. So, we never thought this could happen. You can’t make a senile man, president of the United States. This is our country. This is a real country. It needs a real leader, even one you disagree with, but someone who is in full possession of his faculties.”

Who is to blame for this deception?

Carlson proceeded to cast blame on the media and Democratic Party for essentially lying to the American people about the state of Biden’s mental health when they knew it was in decline and even proceeded to name names of specific individuals in close proximity to Biden during the campaign who knew something was wrong but kept their mouths shut and have now been rewarded with powerful positions in the administration.

“Dr. Jill, his wife, was perfectly aware. Members of Joe Biden’s own family knew perfectly well and told other people about it. We’ve reported that before and it’s true and yet they didn’t stop him,” Carlson asserted. Unfortunately, it appears that it is now too late to do anything about it.

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