Tucker Carlson mocks Chicago mayor following email leak: ‘She needs help’

It’s generally unwise for TV personalities to try to diagnose public officials when it comes to their mental health, but Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn’t hold back Wednesday when he hammered Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) as “demented” and alleged that she needs professional help.

According to the Washington Examiner, Carlson’s comments came after an internal email was released that reportedly showed Lightfoot berating staffers.

The email, first published by the Chicago Tribune, uncovered Lightfoot’s demand for daily “office time,” which she emphasized by repeating incessantly in an email dated Jan. 28 of this year.

“Office time every day!”

During a segment on Wednesday’s edition of his Fox News program, Carlson initially focused on the distressing surge of gun violence and murders in Chicago, which he charged Lightfoot with mishandling.

He went on to suggest the mayor isn’t all that “interested” in solving the problem, and is instead hyperfocused on “radical social change,” not to mention denigrating America and the American flag. “This is the kind of thing Lori Lightfoot spends her time doing — that and berating her staff,” Carlson said Wednesday, according to Fox.

“Thanks to an open record request from the Chicago Tribune, we’ve got some of Lori Lightfoot’s emails,” the Fox host added. “Turns out she’s every bit the person you thought she was.” Carlson explained:

In January, for example, Lightfoot told her staff: “I need office time every day!” exclamation point. She wrote that same line sixteen times in a row: “I need office time every day!” “I need office time every day!” “I need office time every day!” And so on. Thirteen more times. Demented.

After reading off more lines from the mayor’s message, Carlson concluded: “She needs help. But not as much helps as her staff needs. Someone ought to stage a hostage extraction for their sake.”

Still the mayor

For Carlson, it’s all too much for a mayor who has been happy to blame her shortcomings on COVID-19.

“Obviously, we haven’t done everything that we want to do, we’re planning to do,” she said last month, according to NBC Chicago. “There’s this thing called a global pandemic that obviously has slowed things down, but we stay determined.”

For his part, Carlson said it may be time for Chicagoans to give Lightfoot the boot. “And yet still, somehow, this person remains mayor of America’s third-largest city. How long can that continue?” he said Wednesday, according to Fox. Take a look:

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  6. Lori is a prime example of Most Democratic Mayors running their Cities today.
    The Peter Principal, hits them all.” A person rises to their level of incompetence.+ ”
    Obviously this happened much before most of them were elected. We all hove to feel sorry for their wards.

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