Tucker Carlson: The media collaboration with the Democratic Party is the real threat to democracy

Fox News star Tucker Carlson doesn’t have a big problem with how nasty the mainstream media has been to President Donald Trump over the last four-plus years. It’s the press’s job to keep an eye on people in power and hold their feet to the fire, he says.

The real threat to democracy, Carlson said Friday, is when the press colludes with politicians on one side of the aisle and other agencies to withhold real and legitimate news because they have a political agenda.

“Thursday, we learned that the FBI is conducting an active investigation into Joe Biden’s son for business deals that apparently included his father, the former vice president,” Carlson wrote in a Fox News op-ed based on his Friday show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “That is not speculation. It is confirmed. Former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski sat for a five-hour interview with six FBI agents last week. They asked him about his business dealings in China with the Biden family.” Watch:

“Now, we don’t know if this investigation will result in indictments, but we know that it could,” Carlson went on. “That’s significant because Joe Biden, as you may have heard, is running for president. The election is on Tuesday. So by any possible measure, this is a blockbuster, stop-the-presses news story.”

“Why haven’t you heard about this?”

And yet, no major news outlet beyond Fox News and The New York Post is covering the story because they want to see Biden elected and Trump out, no matter what.

“The media are collaborating with the Democratic Party,” Carlson said. “They’re collaborating with the intelligence agencies that spy on Americans with impunity. They’re collaborating with the tech monopolies that have choked off the average person’s access to legitimate information.” He concluded:

“We’re not overstating any of this. We wish we were. The people you’re supposed to be able to trust are dismissing a completely legitimate, verified news story.”

Because of the press’s deliberate suppression of the evidence of Joe Biden’s connection to his son’s foreign business dealings, Biden could be elected president of the United States without ever having to provide real answers about his family’s questionable activities in China. And it’s not supposed to matter because “Orange Man Bad,” and for the Democrats that trumps everything else.

“These people are your enemies”

“These people are your enemies,” Carlson warns. “They are misleading you so that you will obey, and maybe it’ll work. Maybe they will get Joe Biden elected president next week without asking the most basic questions or vetting him in any way. That’s the gambit.”

The press has amplified every possible negative allegation against Trump: he colluded with Russia; he used his power as president to enrich himself; he asked a foreign power for a quid pro quo; he didn’t pay any taxes even though he was rich.

They couldn’t make any of these allegations stick because there weren’t facts behind them, but they reported them like crazy anyway. Now that there is a legitimate story about Biden, they won’t even report it because it won’t get them what they want: to be rid of Trump.

Carlson is right: if we don’t figure out what to do about the crooked media, we may lose our democracy in the end.

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