Carlson announces new podcast, declares he ‘will not be silenced or canceled’

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson has faced mounting efforts to kick him off the air or to pressure companies to pull their advertisements during his popular primetime program Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Amid the constant backlash, however, Carlson recently announced the development of a new podcast as the latest avenue through which he will be able to engage with his loyal audience.

“Unfiltered, unafraid, and unstoppable”

According to Fox, Carlson broke the news to viewers this week, declaring that he “will not be silenced or canceled” by his detractors on the left.

The podcast, called Tucker Carlson Today, will begin on March 29 and new episodes will be uploaded on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to the Fox Nation streaming service.

Fox News is promoting the venture as a way to find “unfiltered, unafraid, and unstoppable interviews and discussions, unpacking the issues you care about, with the clarity you deserve.”

The network is also encouraging listeners to tune in for “in-depth, unfiltered conversations with the people shaping America’s future.”

Carlson weighed in on his new gig with a statement expressing his excitement, saying: “Freedom of speech is under attack, and as other media outlets are shrinking and pushing for censorship, we are expanding and speaking freely.”

“Deeply political motives”

With frequent, timely episodes available on its digital platform, Fox News signaled that Carlson will be “making sense of the day’s events” through a “deeper dive” into issues than he typically takes during his weeknight television show.

In addition to the podcast, Carlson is also set to launch a new monthly program on Fox Nation.

Tucker Carlson Originals will be starting next month, giving the host an opportunity to dig deep into a specific topic in each episode.

Despite calls for his show to be canceled and coordinated advertiser boycotts, Carlson continues to draw millions of viewers each night and remains at the top of the pack among primetime cable news hosts. As far back as 2018, progressive groups worked to apply pressure to his program’s advertisers over his allegedly anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Fox News has continued to support the top-rated host, however, declaring at the time that his detractors were “far left activist groups with deeply political motives,” as the Daily Beast reported.

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15 Responses

  1. I’d take Tucker over babbling blowhard Hannity any time.
    Sure do miss Rush though. But maybe its best he doesn’t have to witness the demise of his beloved America.

  2. Tucker is a breath of fresh air in the smarmy world of fake news. I see censorship crawling out of so many corners of “news” reports that it is sickening. He will not be silenced and his observations are right on as he points out the obvious that so many refuse to see.

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  4. Replying to the response made by johnTexas, Tucker and Hannity complement each other shows where Tucker states all the facts and beloved Hannity has some of the best guest conservatives can get and far from your description of his character.

  5. Good for Tucker, we enjoy his programs M-F Fox new casters are getting better. The only news casters that we listen to are Fox and newsmax all the rest are unbalanced and dishonest news they arn’t worth your time to hear a bunch of BS.

  6. He’ll have a far smaller audience at Fox Nation. It requires a different TV hookup, Lefties will be happy they got him off nightly Fox News.

    1. Fox Nation is on the “smart?” TV’s. I list to Fox News, Fox Nation, NewsMax and would watch OAN, I call it a baby FOX, but my cable company, COMCAST, does not cary it. If enough people would tell them they want OAN they might show it, but not all of them broadcasting same I do know I can get what I miss on the repeats after 11PM.

  7. The Corrupt Democrat leaders do not want the American people to hear or see any of the bad things they are doing behind the peoples backs. The Democrats have All of the lying media stations in their pockets so as to brain wash the American People with their lies and proper gander only and the stations that tell the truth about the Democrats are constantly being attacked by the Democrats. There still is a lot of die hard Democrats that refuse to hear or see the truth. Those are the ones that they have been brain wash all their lives and are unable to think for themselves.

  8. Love Tucker and will watch him whenever and wherever I can.
    I like Sean also in and his guests, especially Leo 2.0, Larry Elder and Dan Binging.
    Gueraldo might as well go elsewhere as he has lost his objectivity.

  9. Tuck will find his way into our house one way or another as will Hannity, Tomi, and Candace as well as Dr.Sowell, Larry Elder, and on and on. The brothers and Ryan have weakened Fox until it’s unrecognizable.

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