‘Recipe for chaos’: Fox’s Tucker Carlson warns against releasing prisoners amid coronavirus concerns

As Americans suffer death, fear, and economic catastrophe from the novel coronavirus outbreak, some government officials are putting prisoners before decent people, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Wednesday.

In one of his many monologues on the coronavirus crisis, the Fox News host skewered local law enforcement officials for fomenting “a recipe for chaos” by releasing prison inmates and stopping the prosecution of violent crimes, Fox News reported. Carlson went on to suggest that progressives are taking advantage of the chaos to push a harmful agenda.

“Americans are living in a less secure world, they’re feeling economically vulnerable… They’re uncertain of what’s going to happen in the very near future in any crisis like this,” Carlson said on Wednesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, according to Fox.

He went on: “It’s important that leaders help the public feel safe, secure and confident… Those daily briefings from the president have been helping, I think, in that way. But in some parts of the country, the authorities are doing just the opposite.”

“A recipe for chaos”

As average Americans grapple with a scary and unprecedented crisis, jurisdictions across the country have taken steps to keep their prison populations low. In Los Angeles County, the prison population has dropped by more than 600, according to the Los Angeles Times, and police are making fewer arrests in an effort to stop the spread of the virus (or so they say).

To Carlson, this shift in a time of crisis has the hallmarks of a dangerous social experiment, rather than anything in the public interest. He pointed to Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), who called for the “compassionate release” of many criminals in federal prison, according to Fox, suggesting that progressive-minded ideologues are taking advantage of the crisis to push an agenda.

Carlson also slammed authorities and progressives like Pressley for showing more concern for criminals than law-abiding Americans. He lamented the decision of authorities in various localities to scale back prosecutions, as in Philadelphia — where authorities will stop making arrests for crimes like burglary and car theft, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer — and said it was “rational” that many Americans are stocking up on guns since the police won’t protect them.

“That’s why across the country, gun sales have surged in the first half of the month. It’s rational if the police announce they’re not going to protect you, they’re not going to do their jobs because the politicians controlling them won’t allow them,” Carlson said, according to Fox. “And then they’re releasing criminals back into your neighborhood. What does that mean? It means it falls on you to protect yourself and your family. But you knew that.”

Watch below:

Carlson’s stark warning

Even more concerning is the push by some authorities to restrict access to guns, Carlson noted later in his Wednesday monologue. “Obviously it’s tyranny, but it’s deeper than that,” he opined. “So the government fails to protect you, it makes your life more dangerous, and then it tries to prevent you from protecting yourself. What is that? Think about that for a minute. It’s really ominous.”

Tucker Carlson has consistently been one of the most impassioned voices on television when it comes to warning about the dangers of COVID-19. He is certainly one of the most lucid and courageous journalists in the United States, and has a notable independent streak, refusing to be defined by either conservative orthodoxy or loyalty to political figures. He ripped Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) on Thursday over claims that he dumped his stocks after receiving a briefing about the virus, but didn’t warn the public, Fox noted.

Carlson’s nightly monologues about the dangers posed by the virus — and America’s dependent relationship with China — have made for a contrast with some of the rhetoric in Republican circles and some other Fox personalities, who have tended to downplay the virus. Carlson told Vanity Fair that he felt “morally obligated” to visit Donald Trump at the president’s Mar-A-Lago resort and personally urge him to take COVID-19 more seriously, the Associated Press reported.

As usual, Carlson is right on the money.

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