Tucker Carlson calls on Adam Schiff to resign over false Russia narrative

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) — the House Intelligence Committee chair who played an instrumental role in the baseless Russia investigation — ought to be ought of a job, at least according to one Fox News host.

During his prime time program on Friday night, Tucker Carlson called on Schiff to resign because of his role perpetuating the collusion lie, according to Fox News.

“Adam Schiff is a sociopath,” Carlson said. “He will do or say anything to achieve power. He is unfit to hold office. He should resign.”

Corruption exposed

One of the big news items this week was the House Intelligence Committee’s release of transcripts of interviews with several high-profile individuals conducted during its wide-ranging Russia investigation. What these documents revealed, and what has Carlson and countless other Americans furious, is that none of the individuals queried had any evidence of Russia–Trump collusion before or after the 2016 presidential election.

Let’s not forget that the Intelligence Committee is headed by Schiff, and as such, he sat through these interviews or was at least privy to their contents. It must also be remembered that Schiff has repeatedly and publicly claimed — and still seems to claim — that there is indeed “direct evidence” of coordination between Trump and Russia.

The problem now is that these two things — the committee’s interview findings and Schiff’s frequent and frenzied cries of collusion — cannot be reconciled.

Time wasted, real problems ignored

It’s obvious what is going on here: Schiff and others of his ilk in Washington have been pushing their own factless narrative for years, and their storyline, as Carlson pointed out, has wasted massive amounts of time and resources that could have been much better spent addressing the real problems facing this country.

“Issues like the dangerous rise of Chinese global dominance, the porousness of our domestic borders, this country’s crumbling infrastructure, government corruption, and incompetence, we’re talking about all of this,” Carlson said, according to Fox. “Over the past two months, you may have asked yourself, ‘Why weren’t we talking about these things before? They’re important.’ Well, it’s a good question, and there’s a simple answer to it.”

The host continued:

The answer is, we didn’t have time. There was no time to consider the fundamental health of America because we were busy talking about Russia. In Washington, Russia is all we talked about for three years. All normal business in the capital city came to a halt as we embarked on a bizarre scavenger hunt in search of Vladimir Putin’s spies.

For this reason, Carlson believes that Schiff ought to resign from office. But that’s not all.

“And not just Adam Schiff,” Carlson said. “The entire apparatus of official Washington has been exposed by these transcripts as well as by the documents just released in the Michael Flynn case.”

The resignations of Schiff or anyone else implicated in this pattern of deception are, of course, unlikely to happen. But, Carlson’s outrage and his demand for accountability are entirely justified.

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