Tucker Carlson voices ‘skepticism’ of intel underlying Soleimani strike

Anybody who has watched Fox News host Tucker Carlson over the past several years knows that he strongly opposes protracted military conflicts and wars of intervention, particularly in the Middle East.

Even still, some may have been surprised by the intensity of Carlson’s skepticism of the intelligence that prompted an airstrike against Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, something which has escalated tensions with Tehran, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

Carlson’s doubts

President Donald Trump ordered a targeted drone strike on Thursday that killed Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force unit responsible for hundreds of American deaths in the Iraq War. The attack occurred while Soleimani was located outside of the Baghdad International Airport, just a day after a concerted attack by Iran-backed militias against the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

It has since been reported that the unexpected strike was launched on the basis of intelligence indicating that Soleimani was organizing his proxies throughout the Middle East for an attack against U.S. personnel and targets in the region.

Carlson, however, clearly disillusioned by the faulty analysis and blatantly dishonest intelligence reports disseminated in the past, remained highly skeptical on Monday of the supposed imminence of Soleimani’s anti-American activities, and he reminded his viewers of just how untrustworthy the “deep state” intelligence community has been in recent years.

History of deception

After setting up the current situation regarding a potential war with Iran, Carlson said, “It’s hard to remember now, but as recently as last week most people didn’t consider Iran an imminent threat. Iranian saboteurs were not committing acts of terror in our cities. Oh, but our leaders tell us they were about to any second. That’s why we struck first!”

He continued: “What’s so striking is how many people appear to accept this uncritically. Just the other day, if you remember, our intel agencies were considered politically tainted and suspect. Certainly on this show they are, were, and will be for quite some time.”

“Keep in mind, these are the people who invented excuses to spy on the Trump campaign, purely because they didn’t like Donald Trump’s foreign policy views, and they were the ones who pretended he was a Russian agent in order to keep him from governing. Remember that? Russiagate? Our friends in the intel community did that,” Carlson said.

“And by the way, these are the same people who lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction back in 2002, and by doing that got us into an utterly pointless war that dramatically weakened our country. The people pushing conflict with Iran are the same people who did that,” he added.

“Pardon the skepticism”

“It seems like about 20 minutes ago, we were denouncing these very people as the ‘deep state’ and pledging never to trust them again without verification,” Carlson said.

“But now, for some reason,” he emphasized pointedly, “we do seem to trust them, implicitly and completely. In fact, we believe whatever they tell us, no matter how outlandish.”

Carlson concluded his biting observations by stating, “Maybe all of this will all turn out fine in the end. We’re certainly praying for it, we love this country. But in the meantime, pardon the skepticism.”

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