Carlson slams Biden for justifying Syrian airstrikes as ‘counterterrorism’ 

President Joe Biden exercised his executive power to order airstrikes in Syria against purportedly Iranian-back militants, ostensibly in response to a rocket attack they launched at an Iraqi base occupied by U.S. forces.

The move did not sit well with many critics, including Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, who sharply denounced the Biden administration for engaging in foreign conflicts on nothing more than the broad justification of “counterterrorism.”

“A terrifying form of nationalism”

Carlson asserted that Biden failed to make good on any of his campaign promises, but managed to “immediately bring war back to the Middle East after a four-year respite that really agitated people in D.C.” As far as the limited strikes in Syria, he maintained that it benefited no Americans, “not even in the smallest, most theoretical way.”

That fact, according to Carlson, “was deeply reassuring to the political class in Washington,” which he said considers “any attempt to improve this county a terrifying form of nationalism” and finds it “absolutely thrilling” to think about killing foreigners.

“Thursday’s strike against Syria, they told us, was counterterrorism and counterterrorism justifies all,” he continued.

In stark terms, however, he said that in this case, “counterterrorism means at least 22 people died, according to local reports” while the “Pengaton says only one person died.”

Carlson proceeded to point out that the two named militia groups targeted in the strike were both associated with the Popular Mobilization Forces, a collection of various fighting groups reportedly under the approval of the Iraqi government.

“Just like Hillary Clinton improved Libya”

“Now, the Iraqi government itself is a creation of previous American administrations,” he explained. “So in other words, if you’re following all this, and you have been for 18 years at this point, we are now defending Americans in Iraq from people we empowered in the first place to fix a disaster that was caused by our invasion. That’s all counterterrorism, got it? The snake eats its own tail.”

In his letter to congressional leaders, Biden defended his order, stating: “I directed this military action consistent with my responsibility to protect United States citizens both at home and abroad and in furtherance of United States national security and foreign policy interests, pursuant to my constitutional authority to conduct United States foreign relations and as Commander in Chief and Chief Executive.  The United States took this action pursuant to the United States’ inherent right of self-defense as reflected in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.”

As Carlson argued, however, leftist hypocrisy was on full display by political and media figures who supported Biden’s strikes in Syria after opposing similar strikes launched in the same country by then-President Donald Trump a few years ago.

“‘Don’t sweat the details,’ assure the Democrats,” he concluded. “The party that runs Baltimore and East St. Louis has a handle on this. They’re going to make the Middle East a much better place, just like Hillary Clinton improved Libya. Now it has permanent war and slave markets and they’re going to make you much safer in the process. It’s called counter-terrorism. It can’t be bad.”

Biden is facing plenty of criticism from within his own party, too. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said on Tuesday that he had not been “convinced that any president has the authorization required to take a retaliatory strike, especially outside of Iraq.”

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14 Responses

  1. Biden or his handlers because jo isn’t capable of a continuous thot, are trying to start multiple wars to hide their pilfering and enriching themselves

    1. Its what democrats do, they have started every war since ww1 theough ww1, Viet Nam, Iraq and and Aafganastan and was that paragon of f**k ups BOMBER Biden in on the bombing of the pill factory?
      Its the only way they can country PATRIOTS …kill them off in their wars while their voter base of drones hide out in Canada or college. Until a Republican gets in and puts a real stop to them. like Reagan and Trump who actually let our military do it job and that is kill the enemy dead, dead. Not some college lawyer who deemed up RULES OF ENGAGEMENT WHICH MURDERED 1000 OF OUR BEST AND BRIGHTESt.

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    1. If we can’t bring them home then put Biden and son in the troops. Let’s see how long they would last. Any suggestions? I think about 2-3 minutes maybe.

  3. Joebama is just opening the door for more war in Syria and the Middle East. Nothing accomplished as usual, other than more Mid East tensions.

  4. Dr Seuss books pulled because thy portray people in a way that is harmful or wrong. And the democrats can portray people in a way that is harmful or wrong and it is ok. Books are bad and should be banned, political parties are the cats meow. Books teach the difference between good and bad!
    Air strikes good, Air strikes bad.

    1. Dr. Seuss & his books are nothing but healthy entertainment for young children & even helps them to figure out how to be good people. I am continually astonished that the media is ok with the stuff that Biden & his cohorts have done in barely over a month. Appalling.

  5. By putting a end to millitary in other countrys then majors can’t become a grade higher and so on, it stops grade advancement if you don’t have little wars. In the end we all lose.l

  6. Protect United States citizens at home and abroad. Sounds great Joe Biden but then, why are we being overrun by illegal immigrants with Covid! That is not protecting American citizens at all. Our southern border is open, the drug cartels are making millions down there and bringing more drugs in the United States to kill our children..

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