Carlson slams leftists for exploiting fear, hysteria to ‘crush’ those who question them

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson has been a clear voice of opposition against the far-left since well before the Trump administration.

In his latest on-air warning for viewers, he took aim at progressives for allegedly using the violent riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month as a way to seize more control over the nation’s government.

The usual frauds and demagogues”

Carlson made his argument by highlighting a pattern he believes has been forming for at least the past year, culminating in the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol building by supporters of President Donald Trump who were upset over the results of November’s electoral vote tally.

He broadly asserted that Democratic Party had established a reputation for using media narratives to create fear and hysteria, allowing party leaders to gain a greater foothold in their quest for more power. The segment included several examples, primarily the death of George Floyd while in police custody last year.

That incident served as the impetus for months of civil unrest and protests, furthering the common assessment that Floyd was a the victim of police brutality. Of course, further details have added some important nuance to the story.

In the months that followed, the Black Lives Matter movement became far more pronounced and a fledgling push to defund police departments across the U.S. grew in prominence.

As Carlson explained it: “The usual frauds and demagogues have leveraged that moment to change this country forever. They used hysteria to subdue the population and to crush anyone who dared to ask questions about what they were doing.”

“The most sweeping crackdown”

Fast-forwarding to 2021, the host highlighted the aftermath of the Capitol riot, including the left’s depiction of it as “an act of racism” or an “insurrection.”

No matter the rhetoric being used, the host claimed that the ultimate goal remains the same.

“They are using what happened last week to justify the most sweeping crackdown on civil liberties and free speech in the history of this country,” Carlson added.

Among the ensuing “crackdown” has been a permanent ban on Trump’s accounts across sevearal leading social media platforms.

Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey implicitly made Carlson’s point by insisting in a secret recording that the Trump ban “is going to be much bigger than just one account and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week.”

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32 Responses

    1. Yes, for those (many of them) that hasn’t a clue, read Kitty Werthmann’s TRUE story of what she and other INNOCENT people went through AND how fast❗ We
      do NOT want that❗If THAT is what
      You want, Heaven help you❗AND
      your loved ones And “OUR” COUNTRY❗🛐

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  2. Tucker is completely correct! The left media has spurned a war against the right by al the negativity shone to our President! I haven’t seen any positive posts of Trumps accomplishment on any new feeds! It is totally repetitious lies and looped hatred. Many that do not know cause they watch this crap actually believe it. They have caused the Great Divide! They should be blamed for the riots. We wanted 10 days for the Congress to look over the evidence of voter fraud. No wonder people are pissed to the max!

    1. Finally a little good news for a change. Check out what the Epoch Times posted. It alone is well worth the price of the newspaper for one year. This is from the White House Website:

      I printed it out – it is 47 pages long. So keep it handy for those stupid enough to say Trump never accomplished anything. Ask for one or two things Biden accomplished in his 46 years as a senator, and when they are through stammering haul out this list.
      PLEASE – SUPPORT THE EPOCH TIMES. It is the newest link to real, true information. There aren’t many left so we have to support those that still survive or we will be left with nothing.

  3. The Democratic Party knew of the Plan March for Jan. 6 and conspired and paid for a plan riot to to invade the Capital to insure that President Trump would be blamed!!! the Washington Swamp is Scared!!! We wonder WHY????

    1. So true!
      They are dishonest and are hiding behind the impeachment…keeping the Republicans busy
      from finding how courpt they are!

  4. They wontcpublish my comments You Hannity andcAingram have to move to a more conservative channel or one who is not biasis

  5. i AGREE WITH EVERYTHING BEING SAID ABOUT THE DUMACRUDS. Its just too bad that the courts are to dumb to see the truth behind the charges of fraud and lying from the dumacruds. They will pay and hopefully spend time in prison.

    1. These judges are not dump, they are partisan, they have shown it in the last four years that the law is secondary to them, the only way to get rid of them is to get rid of these rino on our side and left wing liars on the other side and take control of our party. This election the rino showed their true colors, for some of them the President was someone to help them get reelected and nothing else and when they had the chance they stabbed him in the back.

  6. The BLM IS no different than the KKK.. same group/thugs organized. KKK was and is the creation of the Dem/Communist.. THeir thugs destroy/ kill / burn…and their buddies BLM have far exceeded the KKK crimes… All with the blessing of the Dem big shots.

  7. Politicians in both parties should be required to wear logos and names on their backs that portray the donors to which they are beholden. I believe that most of them would be big tech giants, China and Soros. DC is not a city, it is an enormous business enterprise in which politicians, government employees and permanent bureaucrats wheel and deal to line their pockets. They were horrified when Trump entered and governed for the People.

  8. no matter how much the dishonest democrats smear trump, they will not change the people in this country from knowing the truth. this event in washington they have used it to further their evil deeds. people in this country aren’t stupid. i know some of the people were fooled into voting for biden, but i truly believe trump won the election. this election was a scam

  9. I wish the Republican Party would grow a backbone. The Dems get in our face and we back down. How many times have we had the proof of foul play and nothing comes of it. The people are tired of it. If we don’t stand up for our rights we will lose more than we have. Take a stand. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

  10. ACLU = Teachers Union = removal of prayer/bible from schools = removal of hedge of protection around the USA = new age free love movement = divorce without reason = ABORTION and we come to the final chapter = NOW WHAT????

  11. All these comments are all spot on.
    Tucker you are fair man. I watch you every night. Thank you for having courage to tell the truth . If more people were we wouldn’t be in this mess. I just can’t believe that people are so ignorant to believe it. And you can’t even get them to listen.

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