‘Democracy cannot function’: Tucker Carlson slams the media for siding with Biden

America’s mainstream media no longer report the facts, but instead operate in “secret alliances” with powerful interests while misleading ordinary people, Tucker Carlson warned.

On his Fox News show Friday, Carlson said that the media’s response to the scandal surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings shows that journalism in America is dead — a development with grave implications for democracy.

Carlson: Journalists are working with the powerful

Carlson opened up the monologue by mocking the media’s “amusing” and “unbelievably stupid” coverage of Trump. “‘Trump spied for Russia. Trump works for Putin. Trump is a racist because he likes borders and doesn’t want to live in Haiti,'” Carlson said, doing a send-up of the media’s obsessive hatred of the president. “Clearly all the smart kinds went into finance.”

However, there’s a much darker side to the misbehavior of today’s journalists. “When journalists strike secret alliances with the very people they are supposed to be holding accountable, we are in deep trouble. Lies go unchallenged. Democracy cannot function. And that’s what we are watching right now,” Carlson said.

Turning to the Biden scandal, Carlson noted that the FBI has an active investigation of Hunter Biden open and that they spoke with Tony Bobulinski, a former associate of the Bidens who Carlson interviewed exclusively last week. Despite the significance of such a story, the media have ignored it wholesale, dismissing it as “Russian disinformation.”

“These people are your enemies”

Carlson has been highly critical of not just the media, but of Big Tech platforms for censoring the story outright, as well as U.S. intelligence agencies for asserting — totally without basis — that the scandal is a Russian fabrication, a claim gleefully taken up by the media and the Joe Biden campaign.

The Fox News host played a series of clips that showed cable news bobbleheads repeating the “Russian disinformation” claim, ostensibly backed up by America’s top intelligence experts. “These people wouldn’t know Russian disinformation if it got into the shower with them. They know nothing,” Carlson said. “Every word of what they just said was a lie.”

It’s clear that the media no longer work to keep ordinary people apprised of the schemes of the powerful, but rather work with powerful interests like Big Tech, the Democratic party, and America’s spy agencies against the people, Carlson said.

“They are not trying to help you or inform you, just the opposite. These people are your enemies,” Carlson said. “They are misleading you so that you will obey.”

The Fox News host ended by speculating about the ominous implications of Biden gliding into the White House without receiving any scrutiny from the press.

“Some of these people have to continue to be quote ‘journalists.’ And the question is, can they really do that? Can they keep pretending on your screen live every night after everything we have just witnessed?” Watch Carlson below:

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