Fox’s Tucker Carlson urges voters to hold Republicans in Washington accountable

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wants voters to hold Republicans in Washington accountable at the ballot box this November.

On Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the anchor put forth three demands that he says GOP voters should have for their candidates this fall. “And if they don’t provide them, don’t vote for them,” Carlson said, according to Fox.

Flawed and infuriating

“Flawed and infuriating though it often is,” Carlson said Tuesday that “the fact remains: the GOP is the only institution still open to the rest of us, to Americans who want to live as they did just 15 years ago, quietly, productively, without being harassed and harangued by self-righteous lunatics who mean them harm. And they do,” he added, as Fox reported.

According to Fox, Carlson says it is these Americans to whom members of the GOP should be catering. And Republican voters should, according to Carlson, “demand three things from their candidates” in return. First things first: “total equality under the law.”

“We are equal because we are citizens,” Carlson explained, according to Fox. He went on:

Every American has precisely the same rights as every other American. Period. That is the promise of America. It’s why millions of people move here for a long time… It was obvious, but it no longer is obvious. And there are many who are working in the opposite direction. Republicans must counterbalance this. They must work as hard as they can to make America fair again.

The host added that Republican representatives and senators ought to “defend our freedom of speech.” And, according to Carlson, this is much more than a “debate about the First Amendment.”

“If you can’t articulate something, if you’re not allowed, you can’t think,” Carlson said, according to Fox. “And that’s precisely why authoritarians try to control language. They’re trying to control your mind. Republicans should lead the fight against this without shame. Americans have the absolute right to tell the truth. This is not negotiable.”

Finally, according to Fox, Carlson argued that voters ought to demand that the Republican Party “serve the interests of normal people.”

Radical and angry

This all comes after Monday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, when the anchor interviewed Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), who, according to The Hill, introduced a bill Tuesday to limit qualified immunity for law enforcement officers — a notion that traditionally would have been supported only by Democrats.

Carlson took Braun to task for the proposed legislation, at one point even accusing the senator of “taking [his] cues from Chuck Schumer,” the New York Democrat who serves as the Senate’s minority leader.

The next night, Carlson warned his viewers that “an awful lot of Republican officeholders look very much like Mike Braun right now.” This, as the host pointed out, could lead to a Democratic takeover this November — and if that were to happen, Carlson predicts “profound consequences.”

“People who supported Donald Trump will be punished, there’s definitely no question about that,” Carlson said Tuesday, according to Fox. “There’s never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now.”

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