Fox’s Tucker Carlson warns Trump: Stop the riots, or you’ll lose

President Donald Trump will lose the November election if he cannot stop the rioting that is terrorizing America’s cities, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Monday night.

The Fox host delivered an passionate rebuke of America’s leaders, both Democrats and conservatives, for leaving Americans to fend for themselves against the mobs — but Trump, he said, must realize that he will get voted out if he cannot pass “the singular test of his presidency.”

“No one … stood up to save America”

At the top of an almost thirty-minute monologue, Carlson said that America is being led by divisive nihilists who don’t care about protecting Americans, as he called on all Americans to defend civilized life and decency against those allowing the country to be destroyed.

“When the mobs came, they abandoned us,” Carlson said at the opening. “The nation went up in flames this weekend. No one in charge stood up to save America.”

The Fox host went on to slam not just leftists who have justified or ignored the mob’s violence, but conservatives as well, including Vice President Mike Pence and Nikki Haley, who he called out for condemning America’s “racism” instead of standing up for Americans under attack.

“For people who like Donald Trump, who voted for Donald Trump, who support his policies, who have defended him for years and years against the most absurd kinds of slander, this was a distressing moment. The first requirement of leadership is that you watch over the people in your care,” Carlson said. “People will put up with almost anything if you do that. You can regularly say embarrassing things on television, you can hire Omarosa to work at the White House. All of that will be forgiven if you protect your people.”

But Carlson pointedly warned that people don’t “forgive weakness” and that voters will abandon Trump this November if he abandons them now. Watch the whole thing below:

Carlson slams Kushner for subverting Trump agenda

Not long before Carlson’s show, Trump promised to restore law and order with military force if needed in his first public address on the riots. The president then walked to St. John’s Episcopal Church, a scene that Carlson said provided powerful symbolism that America “will not be desecrated and defeated by nihilistic destruction.”

But if Trump “cannot stop [the riots], he will lose in November. The Left will blame him for the atrocities they encouraged, and some voters will agree.”

Carlson praised Trump’s political instincts, noting that he campaigned as the law and order candidate in 2016, but added that Trump has been misled by his liberal son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is undermining Trump’s agenda while advising, foolishly, that Trump’s voters “aren’t going anywhere.”

“No one has more contempt for Donald Trump’s voters than Jared Kushner does,” Carlson warned.

Carlson closed his monologue with an appeal for America’s leaders to stop stoking racial divisions, warning that it will end badly for the country.

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