Carlson hits back at ‘woke’ Pentagon: If they ‘treat us like they’ve treated the Taliban, we’ll be fine’

Tucker Carlson gave a light-hearted response Friday to the “woke” Pentagon after its bizarre boasts of “smiting” the Fox News host.

According to Newsweek, Carlson quipped that “we’ll be fine” if the Pentagon’s legacy of failure against the Taliban is any indication of how its “war” on his self-titled Fox program will play out.

Carlson slams “woke” generals

Carlson joked that his show was “almost rattled” to become the first target in “Operation Silence-the-Talk-Show-Hosts,” but then they realized that the “woke generals” don’t win wars anymore.

“If the woke generals treat us like they’ve treated the Taliban, we’ll be fine,” Carlson said, as Newsweek reported.

The Fox host pointed out that the Taliban is alive and well two decades after the War in Afghanistan began, and poked fun at the Pentagon’s pretexts for endless involvement in the country.

“Maybe we ought to promise the Pentagon that we’ll get rid of traditional gender roles on this show. Change the pronouns, defeat the patriarchy, and all that,” he said, according to Newsweek.

Pentagon takes partisan turn

Carlson was reiterating the point he made last week that triggered an alarming and hostile response from the Pentagon, leaving many concerned that the United States military has taken a partisan turn.

The Fox host had criticized President Joe Biden for making a “mockery” of the armed forces and its mission with “maternity flight suits” to accommodate pregnant women in combat, and other changes that Carlson said would make the military more “feminine” and less capable of defending America, as the New York Post reported.

The Pentagon singled out Carlson in response, even issuing a press release with the strange title: “Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military.” The Pentagon continued to attack Carlson over the weekend, forcing the U.S. Marines to issue a mortifying apology for stepping out of line.

Targeting a TV host

Carlson also commented on the “worrisome” politicization of the military on his show Thursday, remarking that the Pentagon has twice as many troops stationed in Washington to defend America from an ostensible threat posed by Trump voters as it now has in Afghanistan.

“The Department of Defense has never been more aggressively or openly political,” he said.

“Judging by those numbers,” he added, “the Pentagon is now twice as focused on controlling our own citizens as it is on controlling the Taliban.”

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14 Responses

    1. Absolutely, Carlson is right! The Democrats don’t care a “root” for the American families struggling to provide for their families after the pandemic. They are giving more to have abortions carried on in foreign countries than helping American families. SICK !!!!!

  1. looks like present leadership is more concerned with inclusivity regardless
    of morale effect than in truly developing an elite force.
    without proactive leadership to guide, inspire and patriotism what do we have???????


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  3. I was US Navy and I can’t imagine only imagine what goes on that the military hides on the ships and submarines…

  4. Tucker Carlson is Right…. Democrats And their allies are more focused on trying to intimidate and
    silence Trump voters than they are on the invasion on our Southern border!

  5. Too bad the military wasn’t as focused on the riots, burning of cities, looting and killing of innocent people last summer! We were told by them during all that carnage the that “ the military doesn’t get involved in political issues!” Guess we now know that was goal BS!

  6. It’s high time for the Pentagon to step up in defense of the Constitution of the USA instead on picking on either Republicans or Democrats!

  7. George Washington (1787):
    “The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing, and whenever it is executed contrary to their insterest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can, and undoubtedly will, be recalled. ” (Ibid., 29.311.)

  8. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, remember the freedoms you’re supposed to be protecting. Your fathers and grandfathers, mothers, etc., would not obey these kinds of orders. Don’t destroy what they fought and died for. Wounded and disabled veterans are watching.

  9. I don’t know but does anyone know if Biden served in military? I kind of doubt it unless he was forced by draft.

  10. Biden was NEVER in the military, his one son was but the other one, Hunter< was too busy packing his nose and having Daddy help him make big bucks with foreign governments (especially China) with Daddy (the big guy) also getting a cut for his hidden involvement. Is this a great country or what?
    So, all of you Biden supporters get ready to learn Chinese so you can participate in future America under Biden and Harris (Communist) supporter.

  11. I’m pray that my children & future children will come to inherit a country

    & world that is better, more Christian, more forgiving and realize that Jesus

    Died for all of our sins, so that we to can join him and all who have died

    Before be lifted into heaven to praise God an pray for those souls who await

    Their rewards in Heaven; pray that this wii B so … 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Amen

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