Census: the 2021 blue state exodus is real

The United States Census Bureau just released its report for 2021. Guess what it found.

It found that a domestic migration appears to be taking place from Democrat states to Republican states. 

Stick around to see why this might not be as good a sign as you might at first glance expect.

The numbers

Breitbart sums up the Census Bureau’s findings, writing:

Out of the top 10 states and territories with the most population decline from July 2020 to July 2021, eight are run by either Democrat legislatures or Democrat governors, or both. Of the top 10 states with the most population growth in the last year, nine are run by Republican governors and Republican-majority legislatures.

The largest declines in population took place in such blue states as California, New York, and Illinois. New York led the way here with a more than 1.5 percent decrease in its population. California also saw a 1 percent decrease.

The biggest population gains, on the other hand, took place in such red states as Florida and Texas. Here, Texas led the way with a gain of 310,000 residents, while Florida came in second with 211,000 new residents.

The cause(s)

What the Census Bureau’s report, of course, doesn’t tell us is what drove this migration from blue states to red states. So, the best we can do is look at the surrounding circumstances.

One of the biggest issues for Americans over the past year has been the coronavirus pandemic, and we have all seen the way the blue states have responded to this pandemic with lockdowns and mandates and other restrictions. Red states like Florida have taken the opposite approach. Although the issue is more complicated than this, one can’t help but think that a state’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic had to play a role here in migrations.

On top of this, Democrat-run states like California are well-known for their high cost of living, which, as we have seen over the past year, has driven several companies away. It’s likely many individuals went with them.

The bad news

At first glance, it may appear as though this domestic migration is a good thing. After all, people must be moving to red states because they like the way red states are run.

The problem is whether these migrants will bring their blue politics with them. If they do, then, in a state such as Texas, they can possibly tip the balance in the favor of Democrats, which ironically would turn Texas into the exact sort of state that they left behind.

So, this might end up being a short-term victory for Republicans and a long-term victory for the Democrats. We’ll see. But, this is certainly a trend worth keeping an eye on.

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