Charlie Crist resigns from House to focus on campaign against Ron DeSantis

Florida Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist has resigned from the House to focus on his campaign against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

His resignation from the 13th District comes as a battle continues for the next winner of the district’s seat between Democrat Eric Lynn and Republican candidate Anne Paulina Luna.

Crist attacks

Crist recently drew criticism for saying he didn’t want the votes of those who have “hate” in their heart and support DeSantis.

“Those who support the governor should stay with him and vote for him, and I don’t want your vote,” Crist said.

“If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there. I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state. Good Democrats. Good independents. Good Republicans. Unify with this ticket,” he added.

Crist’s challenges

“Resigning from Congress not only makes it easier for Crist to raise money, but allows him to avoid criticism that he spent more time on the campaign trail than in Congress,” Politico reported.

“Crist began facing heat from Republicans after media reports noted he was voting primarily by proxy rather than in person. Through mid-April, Crist voted 18 times in person out of 125 votes,” it added.

Crist’s House seat will remain vacant until November, also leaving Democrats with one less vote until the next term.

The battle against DeSantis may make a lot of noise, but the governor appears to have a heavy advantage, including calls for him to run for president in 2024.