Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot sends illegal immigrants to GOP suburb

Like other Democratic mayors whose cities have seen a recent influx of illegal immigrants from Texas, Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot seems to have discovered the virtue of closed borders.

Despite Chicago’s designation as a sanctuary city and her own lofty rhetoric about openness to immigration, Lightfoot has reportedly sent — deported, you might say — dozens of foreign nationals to a neighboring Republican suburb.

Lightfoot finds out she doesn’t like open borders

The mayor of Burr Ridge, Gary Grasso, said that over 60 migrants were dumped without warning at a hotel in his Republican town that was used previously to house Afghan refugees — something Lightfoot is apparently using to justify dumping migrants from south of the border in Burr Ridge.

“Neither staff nor I were contacted about the decision to house migrants in Burr Ridge,” Grasso said. “It is hypocrisy by the mayor of Chicago to complain” about the new arrivals being sent from Texas just to bounce them back to Republican areas.”

Hundreds of migrants have arrived in Chicago in recent days after being sent there by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Lightfoot called Abbott “racist” for sending illegal immigrants who have been overwhelming southern border communities into self-described sanctuary cities like Chicago.

But Abbott blasted Illinois’ Democratic leaders including Lightfoot and Governor J.B. Pritzker as “absolute hypocrites.”

“Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot have been complaining about a few hundred migrants being bused into self-declared sanctuary city Chicago, then turn around and dump them in the suburbs for Republican mayors to deal with,” Abbott’s press secretary said.

Borders for me, but not for thee

Governor Pritzker insists that “Illinois is a welcoming state and xenophobia has no home here.”

But mayor Grasso was skeptical that there is no space to accommodate the migrants in Chicago, one of the most populous cities in the nation.

“Why are they sending them out to the Republican suburbs? You have to wonder,” Grasso said.

Abbott has also sent immigrants to other liberal hubs like New York, where Democratic leaders have reacted with similar indignation. It turns out that liberals aren’t huge fans of open borders when the effects can be felt in their own backyards. Who knew?

And as Abbott noted, the volume of migrants being sent to Chicago is a drop in the bucket compared to the deluge that is flooding into Texas every single day. Does this mean red states are allowed to have borders, too?