Chicago suburb passes the nation’s first ‘reparations’ measure for Black residents

The giving of reparations to Black people for past injustices is no longer just an idea. It is about to start taking place in one part of the country.

Breitbart reports that Evanston, Illinois, on Monday, became the first place in the United States to approve a reparations program for its Black residents. 

Evanston is a suburb of Chicago that has roughly 73,000 residents. It is the home of Northwestern University, and it is one of the most liberal towns in America.

The bill

The particular measure passed in Evanston looks to give reparations to Black residents who have been the victims of housing discrimination. The following information all comes from a memo that was released by Kimberly Richardson, Evanston’s interim assistant city manager.

To qualify to receive reparations, one must have “origins in any of the Black racial and ethnic groups of Africa,” and one must either have been a Black resident of Evanston between 1919 and 1969 or be a descendant of a Black person who was a resident of Evanston between 1919 and 1969. One would also qualify if he or she were the victim of housing discrimination that occurred after 1969.

Once an individual qualifies, then he or she is eligible to receive up to $25,000.

But, there are limits on how that money can be spent. It, for example, can be used for such things as helping to pay down payments on a house or closing costs for a residence in the city, or it can be used to help pay for repairs, improvements, or modernizations of a property, or it can be used to help pay down mortgage principal, interest, or late penalties.

Currently, $400,000 has been allocated for these reparations. But, the city is hoping to be able to hand out $10 million over the next ten years.

The funding for this program will largely come from a new 3 percent marijuana tax. This tax is expected to bring in somewhere between $500,000 and $750,000 per year.

Making history

The Chicago Tribune reported on Monday evening that this reparations program was overwhelmingly approved by Evanston’s city council by a vote of eight to one.

In fact, the only member to vote against it, Alderman Cicely Fleming, only did so because, in her opinion, the measure is not a genuine reparations program but a housing program, and she wants a genuine reparations program. Fleming also argued that the program is too paternalistic because of the way it puts restrictions on what the money can be used for.

Reparations measures, like that one passed in Evanston, have recently been discussed and proposed in cities across America. The question going forward will be how many other localities will now follow Evanston’s lead by passing their own reparations measure.

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24 Responses

  1. I hate that this is being done!! I’m sorry, but not one person living now, deserves money for something that happened 150 years ago!! Reparations were made when WHITES and blacks fought to end slavery, and lost their lives doing so!!!

    1. Why should we pay for people who never lived during that period?
      Go blow a kyte.! Get out and WORK like the rest of us and your predecessors did.! Blck or white, <Obama family owned slaves.! is he gonna pay????

  2. How sick are the Council Members of Evanston? Illinois can no longer be
    considered the Land of Lincoln. I find it ironic that after 50 years or so of
    keeping our Black Brothers and Sisters on Uncle Sam’s Plantation they want
    to now show Repentance. Pretty Sad.

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  4. No surprise here! Where are they going to get the money for reparations to those who lost their businesses to the BLM, Antifa, etc.? Where is the money to replace civility lost on the savagery done by the stupidity of mayors such as LIGHTFOOT? Give me a break! Better yet, give me my taxes paid for the likes of those who constantly keep the hand out generation after generation, in stead of getting off their duffs and founding out how rewarding it is to be working for what thy get. IT IS POSSIBLE, BUT ONLY IF THEY STAY IN SCHOOL and off the streets!!!


    1. It is really very sad that anybody could have that much hatred built up inside.

      As a military brat I too lived in a lot of undesirable neighborhoods and dealt with my share of negative personalities.

      To be fully honest it has taken decades to put behind me and even that could only happen once I realized that I was doing more harm to myself by refusing to let it go.

      It did not happen over night, I still have my occasional moments, yet, now more are positive then negative.

      Please don’t misunderstand, I have no place, no right & no desire to be judge mental. I do have the right and the desire to pray for your peace with these issues.

  6. This is nothing less then another Democrat scheme to divide the voters as that is the only hope that Democrats have of keeping power.

    WTP, to include ever growing portions of the African American community are wise to their tactics.

    We refuse to tear at the fiber that unites us. Our collective faith in GOD, Judeo Christian principles and the belief that we are and always have been placed on this earth to do our best at all that we do.

    As Parents we have an obligation to teach and demonstrate these practices to the next generation not simply by words but by our actions.

    Sadly, yet to be sure, it is generally those who perceive themselves to have obtained some sort of governmental power entitlement who attempt to force their personal perceptions of justice on to the rest of the world.

    While I am NOT saying that to be the case here, it clearly is edging near that slippery slope.

  7. Maybe it is time to divide this nation into those states that want to implement these practices and states and peoples that believe equal opportunity, Constitutional freedoms, and our laws should be followed. That looks like the red states unite and the blue states unite and each chooses to follow the laws that they choose. The blues get Biden and the Reds will take Trump.

  8. No one in my family ever owned a slave, so we missed out on all the money that could have been earned by having them. I want reparations for the money we gave up by being virtuous citizens. With interest, I figure that as several million dollars. I want my money, and I want it now. Otherwise, I, and all the other citizens who never owned slaves will burn this country to the ground. As the saying goes, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Look out BLM, you have rivals for the free money.

  9. And where do they think this money is coming from? I suspect it will be from taxpayers who never had a slave owner in their family. I suggest taking it from the politicians who are pushing this nonsense.

  10. What about other groups that were discriminated, i.e. the Irish, the Jews, the Chinese (the list can go on). Each different group that has arrived has been discriminated, it was not just the Blacks.

  11. Just kiss butt stupid. Affirmative action has been discriminating against me since the 1960’s. Where are my reparations?

  12. How can they get away with that? Illinois was never a slave state, but a free state. They have no basis for giving anyone any thing. People of Illinois, don’t you know your own history? Check out The Northwest Ordinance of 1787.

  13. Another Soul Sucking Policy! Talk about a Slap In The Face? Anytime you give someone a Handout? You just said: To the people receiving this undeserved Handout? Your not good enough! Your not smart enough! Since your such a underdeveloped human being? We will give you the money that we are sure you will never have the incentive to earn. Talk about lowering expectations? Because a person was born black? They are automatically unable to earn a living wadge? How dare you make folks feel lower than you. … It’s like handing a food box to a millionaire? It might make you feel warm and fuzzy+ But, it is majorly insulting to the millionaire. GET IT YET? ohhhh prob. not.

  14. This is bull*hit. Some of my people came here as slaves and indentured servants. I think its racism not to give me some of that tax money because my skin is white.

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  16. Where does it stop. What about all the other minorities that have been treated unfairly. There are many such as the chinese that worked on railroads, the Japanese that were put in camps during WW2, the mormons that were driven out of several states and were murdered and raped and their properties confiscated. Where is this going to stop.

  17. My people came here legally from Italy in 1910. Not only does that make me exempt from paying reparations, I think my ancestors were enslaved by Julius Caesar. Where’s my money? Plus interest for 2000 years.

  18. I think this is another Democrat city trying to buy votes from a certain segment of the population. The Black people were already given reparation right after the civil war, they do not deserve more now 150 years later. There are no more people that were slaves that are living today, there should not be reparations to lazy bloodsucking people who have lived off of the government all their lives.

  19. So if you pay them reparations does that mean yelling racism about everything on this planet is going to stop? Too many many america’s hear the race card about everything. To us that word means nothing. Even white folk are being prejudiced against them. So looks like we should all have reparations. I’m from the north and we fought for the freedom of the black people. Do we get reparations for our dead? Please America pick a word that means something because the race card is dead. Everyone is considered racist even the white man. Now We white can yell racism against us.

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