China mocks Western ‘surrender’ to coronavirus

It appears that China has no problem blaming the West for a deadly virus that originated within the communist nation’s own borders. China is America’s enemy, and if nothing else, our dependence on them for basic supplies has been confirmed to be a national security threat.

A shocking new piece of Chinese communist propaganda on Sunday criticized Western governments for their response to the devastation being wrought by COVID-19, Breitbart’s Frances Martel reported.

Many Chinese internet users expressed shock at the inaction and ineptness of those governments for apparently adopting a policy of ‘total surrender’ to the virus without regard for human life. Meanwhile Chinese experts highlighted the hypocrisy of those Western countries that frequently try to lecture China on human rights,” the propaganda paper boasted.

China calls Western response “inhuman”

Since its emergence in January, COVID-19 has infected over 180,000 people and killed more than 7,000 worldwide, with most of those infections and deaths in China.

The virus, which appears to have originated in a Wuhan seafood market, is now considered a pandemic and is spreading more quickly in Western nations like Italy than in China, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). National governments, from the U.S. to Italy, are taking increasingly drastic steps to curb its spread.

The Global Times, a propaganda newspaper for the Chinese state, hailed China’s “rigorous” response to COVID-19 and contrasted it with the “surrender” of the United Kingdom and Sweden. The article centers on controversial proposals by the British government to let its citizens develop “herd immunity” by catching COVID-19. The Chinese government did not hesitate to pounce on Britain’s plans to slam Western critics of its human rights record as heartless and hypocritical.

“Maybe the U.K. government believed this was a responsible approach as it can save money for their taxpayers and prevent the NHS (National Health Service) from collapsing, but from a Chinese perspective, this is truly inhuman,” a Chinese “expert” told the outlet.

Blame game

As the pandemic spreads, a blame game has picked up between America and its geopolitical rival to the East. China’s foreign ministry recently falsely accused America of manufacturing COVID-19 as a bioweapon and then spreading it to Wuhan.

With the number of new coronavirus cases dropping in China, some praised the country’s response — including the World Health Organization, whose connections with China have raised questions — but others criticized the country for cracking down on dissident critics of its virus management. Others accused the regime of lying to cover up the extent of the outbreak for two months, leaving the rest of the world compromised.

It appears to be China’s view, however, that the world should be grateful to the country where the virus originated — likely from bats, according to researchers. Chinese propaganda outlet Xinhua recently threatened to cut off medical supplies to the West, leaving America to “fall into the hell of a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.”

China controls about 90% of all antibiotics that Americans need, an alarming fact given the country’s manifest hostility toward the West.

The China threat

But it does appear that China has quite a few sympathizers in the West, many of whom objected to President Donald Trump calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus,” despite use of the term “Wuhan virus” by the liberal media. China has responded by calling Trump a racist, and the Global Times’ reaction would not have been out of place as a press statement from Democratic Party leadership, accusing Trump of trying to “pass the buck” and “prove that he is NOT responsible for the current situation the U.S. is facing.”

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