China threatens military ‘action’ if Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan

Regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) potential travel to Taiwan, China has threatened to start a “very dangerous” standoff with the U.S. military according to the Washington Examiner.

“The U.S. … must not arrange for Pelosi to visit the Taiwan region,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Senior Col. Tan Kefei said Tuesday.

“Should the U.S. side insist on doing otherwise, the Chinese military will never sit idl[y] by and will certainly take strong and resolute measures to thwart any interference by external forces and secessionist attempts for ‘Taiwan independence’ and firmly defend China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

This warning is the most recent in a string of ones sent to the public by Chinese Communist officials, who see it as a breach of their assertion of control over the island democracy.

Despite the fact that Pelosi’s travel itinerary “hasn’t been announced yet,” as U.S. officials have highlighted, the conspicuous truculence forces Pelosi and U.S. officials to choose between a crisis that Pentagon officials want to avoid and widespread acceptance of Beijing’s threats.

“And frankly, that kind of rhetoric is unnecessary and uncalled for,” John Kirby, the White House National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, said Tuesday in response to the Chinese Defense Ministry’s remonstrance. “And there’s no trip to speak to, and rhetoric of that kind only escalates tensions … so we find that unhelpful and, certainly, not in the least necessary given the situation.”

Chinese Communist officials have already denounced U.S. political and military support for Taiwan calling it a violation of their “One China Principle,” but the Biden administration, much like previous administration, has continued to show political support for Taipei while looking to quickly fortify the island’s military against the possibility that the Chinese Communist regime would try to subjugate Taiwan.

This dynamic has given birth to back-channel messages to American specialists that Beijing is eager for a conflict on the scale of the third Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1996, supplied by a former Chinese official.

“There’s a view in Beijing that it might be necessary to have a crisis to demonstrate China’s seriousness on Taiwan issues to the United States,” the American Enterprise Institute’s Zack Cooper told the Washington Examiner.

The year after the 1996 crisis was resolved by a display of American naval force, then-Speaker Newt Gingrich paid a visit to Taiwan. China might attempt to change this precedent and impose new restrictions on U.S. government involvement with Taiwanese authorities by seizing this present debate as an opening.

“Given the misstep by the White House in openly signaling disagreements within the administration about the speaker’s planned visit, it gives the impression that the U.S. could be deterred into preventing officials, even ones from the legislative branch, from traveling to Taiwan. This would be a dangerous precedent to set,” Global Taiwan Institute Executive Director Russell Hsiao told the Washington Examiner.

“My sense is that this is not as much about Speaker Pelosi’s visit itself but more an overall hardening of Beijing’s strategy in the use of sticks against all forms of engagements with Taiwan that it considers a violation of its ‘One China Principle,’” he said.

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