Chinese government threatening Shanghai residents with more punishment amid horrific COVID lockdown

The massive international financial hub of Shanghai, China, a city of around 26 million people, has been under a harsh lockdown by order of the communist Chinese regime in Beijing for nearly three weeks now due to a purported outbreak of COVID.

There are no clear indications of when the lockdown might be fully lifted, and some residents are reportedly being threatened with even more severe lockdowns and other punishments if they disobey or merely question the regime’s orders, TheBlaze reported.

Pictures and videos have emerged from the city that shows billboards and signs displaying warning messages like: “Do not post pandemic-related messages online; Do not enter or leave Beijing without permission; Spies are among us; leaks may happen in an instant; and Watch your mouth or face punishment.”

Meanwhile, media reports and personal accounts from those enduring the lockdown have revealed an utter hell where residents are strictly confined to their homes, families are being split apart if a member tests positive for the virus, there are significant shortages of food and other necessities, and some people and animals are being left to starve to death.

Australian living in Shanghai shares terrifying account

One such account came from an unnamed Australian man who lives in Shanghai with his family and called in as a fan of TheBlaze’s “Louder with Crowder” program to share his own experience, which was admittedly better than most others due to the relatively “privileged” neighborhood he lived in with many other non-Chinese ex-pats.

Even with their privileges as foreigners not afforded to most Chinese citizens, he and his neighbors have found it exceedingly difficult to obtain grocery deliveries, and when those “sporadic” deliveries do occur, they are forced to pay “exorbitant” prices for the ordered goods.

The caller noted that very few residents were prepared for the weeks-long lockdown in large part because the government had said it would only last for a few days when it was first imposed in late March — and the problem was further exacerbated by the fact that many of the stores in his area had already been shut down before implementation of the lockdown, for which only a single day’s warning had been given.

He also confirmed the reports that children who tested positive for the virus were being forcibly removed from their parents and placed in makeshift quarantine camps with no advocates or ability to communicate with their families for unspecified periods of time.

This is what dystopia looks like

Much of what that Australian caller spoke of seemed to expand upon or further flesh out a somewhat sanitized if still rather a dystopian account of the ongoing Shanghai lockdown published by The Washington Post‘s bureau chief in China.

Order is seemingly maintained through the communist regime’s censorship as well as threats of punishment from government officials and even drones carrying loudspeakers that constantly remind everybody in earshot of the current lockdown rules.

Meanwhile, as noted, people and animals are starving to death, some are committing suicide, and others are horrifyingly being spirited away by the regime if they test positive or otherwise step out of line.

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