Chip Roy says Speaker Johnson could be removed over budget deal with Schumer

 January 11, 2024

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said Tuesday on Blaze Radio network's Steve Deace Show that removing House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) over a budget deal he made with Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over the weekend is "not off the table."

"I'm leaving it on the table. I'm not gonna say I'm gonna go file it tomorrow. I'm not saying I'm not going to file it tomorrow," Roy said.

Roy is angry that the budget deal does not address the influx of illegal immigrants on the border or include funding for border security, and appears to be not much different than the deals McCarthy made when he was Speaker.

"I think the speaker needs to know that we're angry about it. He needs to know that we need to sit down at the table and try to solve this," he said.

New opposition to a new Speaker

Roy was not one of the eight Republicans who voted with Democrats to oust McCarthy in October.

The budget mostly honors agreements made between McCarthy--who is not even in Congress anymore--and Schumer, setting a limit of $1.59 trillion for discretionary spending but honoring an additional $69 billion promised by McCarthy.

Johnson said Sunday that he found $16 billion in cuts that would partially offset that amount.

Johnson told reporters on Tuesday evening, "I am a conservative. This is not what we all want. It’s not the best deal we could get if we were in charge of both chambers and the White House. But it’s the best deal we could broker under the circumstances."

He sounded optimistic about future wins, but he may not be Speaker long enough to see those come to fruition.

Will Republicans even hold House?

Even if Roy and others don't oust Johnson--and they only need three or four votes now to do it--it's not certain that Republicans are going to hold the House in 2024 due to a number of factors.

First, redistricting in New York state could get rid of two to six Republican seats. Other states like New Mexico look like they are following suit.

There is also a good amount of discontent among the public about this Congress and its Republican leadership because it hasn't gotten much of anything accomplished, and Republicans spent a lot of time fighting among themselves.

Even so, Johnson said, "We have the topline agreement. This allows us to fight for our policy priorities, for our policy riders now, and our appropriators are resolute in doing that. Our members are excited about getting that done, and we’re going to do our job here."

Roy was skeptical, saying Monday on Fox Digital, "I will amend my sentence if we end up getting some massive policy wins attached to the spending, but I do not believe that we can possibly get enough policy wins on the riders to offset the damage of spending that much more money."

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