Biden judicial nominee says proof of citizenship and voter ID are forms of ‘voter suppression’

Many of President Joe Biden’s nominees to various executive and judicial branch positions have quite clearly been highly partisan activists who will consequently be incapable of serving the American people in an unbiased manner.

One such example is Nancy Gbana Abudu, a leftist activist attorney nominated for a federal circuit court seat, who has argued that common-sense election integrity precautions like voter ID and proof of citizenship requirements constitute illegal “voter suppression,” The Daily Wire reported.

Biden’s latest pick

Abudu, formerly an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyer who is now the deputy legal director at the supremely biased Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), was picked by Biden to serve on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers the southern states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

A White House release on Dec. 23 announced the nomination of Abudu to fill an 11th Circuit vacancy and made it explicit that “diversity” and her racial status as a Black woman was a primary factor in her being chosen for that position by President Biden.

In addition to highlighting her race, the announcement also made mention of Abudu’s focus on “voting rights” as a top issue of concern, which leads us to several controversial statements she has made that would seemingly render her ineligible for the purportedly nonpartisan and unbiased position as a federal circuit court judge.

“Voter suppression”

The Daily Wire noted that Abudu, in a 2011 interview with The Post and Courier while speaking in her capacity as an ACLU voting rights attorney at the Charleston School of Law in South Carolina, made reference to what she viewed as unacceptable and unconstitutional “voter suppression” by Republican-led southern states.

“I would say 95 percent of my work is in voting rights, and it runs the gamut,” Abudu said. “Obviously, we do a lot when it comes to voter suppression, which includes five priority areas: photo ID, proof of citizenship, restrictions we see when it comes to registration … early voting as well as absentee voting and the restrictions we see when it comes to criminal convictions. We also do a lot with student voting.”

She went on to say that the “biggest concern” of herself and the ACLU at that time was “photo ID” requirements for voter eligibility — a requirement that guards against potential voter fraud by mandating that voters prove with an ID that they are who they say they are when casting a ballot.

“Jim Crow” talking point

More recently, Abudu has displayed her unmistakable partisanship by way of several op-ed articles posted to the leftist SPLC’s website in support of purely Democratic legislation that, for all intents and purposes, constitute a federal takeover of election laws at all levels nationwide and are decidedly favorable to Democratic candidates and politicians.

In August of this year, Abudu wrote in support of HR4, also known as the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would legislatively restore certain provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that the Supreme Court had previously ruled were unconstitutional, such as allowing the federal Justice Department the right of “preclearance” to approve election law changes in certain Republican-led states.

In another op-ed posted in March, which also championed HR4, she baselessly argued that various election integrity law proposals in Republican-led states were no different from the old “Jim Crow” segregation laws of the racist Democratic south and were intended to suppress the votes of minorities.

There should be no question that Abudu is a partisan activist attorney who has absolutely no business sitting on a federal circuit court, but then again, that may be precisely the reason why Biden nominated her in the first place.

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