City manager fired after calling for due process in case of fatal police shooting

Another police shooting involving a Black suspect has once again sparked widespread protests near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In a related development, Brooklyn Center City Manager Curt Boganey was reportedly fired within hours of calling for due process in investigating the police officer who fatally shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

“Good leadership at all levels”

As Mayor Mike Elliott explained in a tweet on Monday, Boganey was “relieved of his duties” effective immediately, to be replaced by the city’s deputy city manager.

“I will continue to work my hardest to ensure good leadership at all levels of our city government,” Elliott added.

The sudden action came in the wake of bodycam evidence showing three officers involved in a recent traffic stop.

Wright was reportedly pulled over because his vehicle had an expired registration. When officers attempted to arrest him upon determining he had an outstanding warrant,  a struggle ensued and one officer fired a fatal shot.

The officer reportedly claimed that she intended to use a taser rather than a handgun.

“That’s really all that I can say today”

As for Boganey, he was fired following an emergency city council meeting. Councilwoman Kris Lawrence-Anderson indicated that she voted in favor of firing the city manager in part out of fear of potential reprisal from protesters if she did not.

Boganey’s remarks in the wake of the latest unrest led to public backlash.

“All employees working for the city of Brooklyn Center are entitled to due process with respect to discipline,” he said of the officer who fatally shot Wright. “This employee will receive due process and that’s really all that I can say today.”

Pressed further regarding whether he believed the officer should be fired, he added: “If I were to answer that question, I’d be contradicting what I said a moment ago — which is to say that all employees are entitled to due process and after that due process, discipline will be determined. If I were to say anything else, I would actually be contradicting the idea of due process.”

Although protesters might be right to demand justice in this troubling incident, no freedom-loving American should be against the concept of due process, which is a right guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

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10 Responses

  1. So we are no longer innocent until proved guilt in this nation? Is this what this is saying? And if you have already been proved guilty gives you a right to do as you please because you have already been proved guilty so no need to respect or follow the laws and disrespect authorities because they can’t touch me? Does it mean we have double standards? If you are a policeman that shoots a criminal that may have erred in the rush of the situation then you are guilty unless it was a white person then we will go through the process? I am asking myself who is making people racist by this continual hatred spread daily thru media, Congress, riots, and lawlessness? Here is a person that states what it appears an honest statement and looses his job. Is this brainwashing to look at every police guilty? Seems to me they want everyone to look at every race except Black as evil people. How sad we have become. How many people black/white have been killed by the police stopping them for a citation with no records? What is love? How many white have been killed by police that were guilty of crime? How many white/black have been killed by criminals in the last years? What is the % difference please?

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  3. Well the officer is now being charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. Tell me has there been due process. I’ll say no the incident recently happen not enough for due process. The leaders are taking the pressure from the BLM antifa they have no balls to stand up to these little a$$holes

  4. We need to stand together for the kind of nonsense being called “leadership” by that mayor!!! How is he a leader? Who decided that what he did firing his Chief of Police was either “leadership” or the right thing to do?

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