Clarence Thomas blocks subpoena for Lindsey Graham from prosecutor investigating Trump

Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas has frozen a subpoena issued to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Sc.) by a Democrat prosecutor who is investigating Donald Trump’s actions in Georgia after the 2020 election.

Thomas made the decision on his own, without referring the issue to the whole court, CNBC reported.

Thomas blocks Graham subpoena

Graham is being subpoenaed as part of a sprawl of Democrat-led investigations relating to January 6th and the 2020 election.

Democrats say Graham became a willing participant in the so-called “Big Lie” by calling Georgia’s secretary of state Brad Raffensperger (R) to inquire about possible election irregularities in the state.

Like many actions taken by Democrats in the name of January 6th, the subpoena — issued to a duly elected senator by a prosecutor investigating a former president — appears to push some constitutional envelopes.

The senator says it violates the speech and debate clause, which protects lawmakers from testifying about their official work. Graham says he called Raffensperger in his official legislative capacity while weighing whether to certify the election, but Raffensperger has said he felt the call was politically motivated.

Graham asked the Supreme Court to intervene after an appeals court upheld a ruling that said Graham must testify about at least some of what he discussed with Raffensperger.

Dems outraged

Of course, Democrats are no big fans of Clarence Thomas to begin with, and the news of his decision led to renewed calls for his impeachment.

“Add this to the laundry list of impeachable offenses he has committed. He has no business being on the Supreme Court, and no shame,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Il-D.) tweeted.

This isn’t Thomas’s first collision with the Democratic party’s “insurrection” narrative. Liberals have targeted the conservative justice for months over his wife’s role in protesting the 2020 election.

Ginni Thomas told the January 6th committee last month that she believes the election was stolen, in a direct challenge to the left’s official talking points.

It would seem that Clarence Thomas finds Graham’s complaint at least worth considering. That may shock Democrats hopped up on a witch hunt, who appear to think the Constitution offers no protection to their enemies.