Hillary Clinton is co-writing mystery novel with Louise Penny: Reports

More than four years after her latest failed bid to become president, former first lady Hillary Clinton still appears to be looking for ways to remain culturally relevant.

Her latest effort involves co-writing a mystery novel with Canadian author Louise Penny, according to recent reports.

“All is not as it first appears”

The forthcoming novel, called State of Terror, tells the story of an inexperienced secretary of state who become embroiled in a terror plot.

Clinton, who served as secretary of state in the Obama administration,  called it a “dream come true” to work with the award-winning novelist.

“I’ve relished every one of her books and characters as well as her friendship,” she said. “Now we’re joining our experiences to explore the complex world of high-stakes diplomacy and treachery. All is not as it first appears.”

Though plenty of critics have challenged the veracity of her previous books, Living History, Hard Choices, and What Happened, this novel will represent her first foray into writing that is supposed to be fiction.

In a statement on Thursday, Penny also expressed excitement over the prospect of working on the project.

“Could not say yes fast enough”

“When it was suggested my friend Hillary and I write a political thriller together, I could not say yes fast enough,” she said.

The book will represent a big departure for Penny, whose other books are set in Quebec. It remains to be seen whether Clinton’s involvement will be enough to convince her loyal fans to react positively to the different setting and plotline.

This is not the first time a prominent Clinton has teamed up with an established novelist to write a suspense novel. In 2018, former President Bill Clinton published The President is Missing with James Patterson, sparking better-than-expected sales numbers.

The plot of the Clinton-Penny collaboration even seems to take a jab at former President Donald Trump in that the central figure confronts the results of four years of isolationism on the part of the prior administration.

Of course, many of Trump’s critics on the left have accused him of embracing an isolationist foreign policy. Meanwhile, his supporters argue that his administration likely did more to protect the U.S. and its interests around the world than the policies of appeasement implemented by his predecessors.

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  1. Clinton should be in jail for all that she has done to this country and the people of this country. She had lied about everything.

    1. Clinton should be in prison for the rest of her life for committing Treason several times. She and her husband was also involved in many people being murdered.

    2. so agree with you and what she did to the guys waiting for her to give the order to pick them up and she didn’t and the were tourchered and killed she shouldd be put in jail the rest of her life and every day some one should go with a whip and beat her for 24 hrs non stop so she understands what she did to our guys waiting for her to give the word for the ship to go in and pick them up

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  3. Hillary Clinton is one of the most treasonous people
    ever in the USA! From Arkansas to the WH, the Clinton crime family has cheated and failed America ever chance they got. They belong in prison.
    Who wants to read anything she would ever write?
    Anything to remain relevant! Won’t work Hillary!
    No one wants to read your book !

  4. Where is my post about Hillary’s illegal , PRINTED , VERIFIED ATTROCITIES SHE HAS DONE SINCE HER REIGN OF HELL ON EARTH, & since she has had anything to do with OUR COUNTRY.?

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