Clinton operative David Brock leaves Media Matters to launch sleazy new pro-Biden venture

The famously cutthroat Democrat operative, Clinton loyalist and smear merchant David Brock is leaving Media Matters, the organization he founded to harass and censor conservatives, to launch a new sleazy venture protecting Joe Biden.

Brock’s new group, Facts First USA, will work to shield President Biden from Republican oversight now that the GOP has flipped the House of Representatives, Just the News reported.

Clinton operative makes big move

A memo from Brock said the group would assemble a “SWAT Team” to counter the “right-wing smear machine” targeting President Biden.

Republicans are pledging to investigate Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business deals, among other scandals, including Biden’s border crisis and the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

In the memo, Brock insisted Facts First USA, which will be spending $5 million a year on its operations, will function as a “truly independent outside group” even as he indicated its sole purpose would be to protect the Biden White House from scrutiny.

“The White House cannot be the sole nucleus for publicly responding to the onslaught of congressional investigations,” the Brock memo said, adding the group would handle issues that “may be too personal or delicate for the White House to be responding or to even be seen as directing a response.”

Brock told the New York Times that his group “intends to work with the White House where appropriate but will make our own judgments” and that he anticipates “the White House and all allied groups” will “join the fight against Republican disinformation and conspiracy-mongering.”

Infamous smear merchant

Brock teased the new project on Twitter, writing, “Next chapter. Excited. Bring it on,” in a tweet that linked to the Times report.

The liberal spin artist became famous in the 1990s as a right-wing journalist who authored sensational exposes on the Clintons and Anita Hill, the woman who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

Later, Brock went over to the left, writing a conversion narrative titled Blinded by the Right and becoming known as a fiercely loyal Clinton ally and partisan operative.

Upon his resignation from Media Matters, Brock was praised by American Bridge co-founder Bradley Beychok as a “visionary who reshaped the landscape of the Democratic ecosystem” through his work with Media Matters, which he founded in 2004.

The opposition research organization is known for tracking right-wing “disinformation” and for its aggressive activism targeting Fox News personalities such as Tucker Carlson.