Hillary Clinton eyes secretary of Defense role in Biden administration

Former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared to make a play for the secretary of Defense position in a Joe Biden administration by writing a 5,000-word op-ed outlining what she believes should be the next administration’s foreign policy objectives, the National Pulse reported.

The piece, titled “A National Security Reckoning: How Washington Should Think About Power,” was published in Foreign Affairs magazine.

“The country is dangerously unprepared”

Clinton warned in the op-ed that the United States is “dangerously unprepared” for threats from China, Russia, climate change, and future pandemics.

“Its industrial and technological strength has atrophied, its vital supply chains are vulnerable, its alliances are frayed, and its government is hollowed out,” Clinton wrote.

The former Obama administration official attempted to place the blame on President Donald Trump for these alleged failures, although she failed to mention that Trump inherited broken protocols and empty stockpiles that he had to work to fix and replenish.

What’s more, certain sections of Clinton’s piece sounded like a page out of Trump’s playbook, as she argued that the U.S. should not depend on China and other foreign nations for essential supplies needed during an emergency.

In the same breath, however, she accused the president of “dusting off the Cold War playbook” and using an “anachronistic approach” to dealing with China and Russia.

Modernizing the military

In her piece, Clinton called for modernizing the military, which could lead to massive job losses through automation, the National Pulse noted.

“No one should pretend that every defense job can be saved or replaced,” Clinton wrote. “Cutting hundreds of billions of dollars in military spending over the next decade will inevitably inflict a painful toll on families and communities across the country.”

Considering Clinton’s horrific handling of the Benghazi crisis and the thumb in the eye she gave to national security when she used a private email server while secretary of State, it’s hard to believe Clinton would consider vying for a position in another presidential administration.

Then again, Clinton has shown no shame about her corruption and deadly errors, infamously demanding to know “what difference at this point does it make?” during a hearing on her handling of Benghazi, as the BBC reported.

It seems that a vote for Biden in November could mean a vote for Clinton holding one of the most powerful cabinet positions in the U.S. government. Time will tell if that’s what voters will choose.

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