Hillary Clinton labeled a ‘war criminal’ by angry protesters in Belfast: Report

Failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was in Northern Ireland on Friday to accept an honor that was being bestowed upon her by a prestigious university. But the event didn’t quite go as smoothly as she might have hoped.

As Clinton approached the entrance of Queen’s University in Belfast to accept the honorific role of chancellor, she was greeted with expletives and jeers — and even shouts of “war criminal” — from a nearby crowd of protesters, the Daily Caller reported.

“War criminal!”

Former Secretary of State Clinton, decked out in a ceremonial black robe with a long train that was carried behind her by a young girl, was surrounded by security as she climbed the steps to enter the building for her inauguration as chancellor of the university.

The security could do nothing to silence the crowd of protesters, including one woman who repeatedly called Clinton a “war criminal,” according to the Daily Caller, while others shouted “shame on Queen’s,” “shame on you,” and even “go f*** yourself,” among other choice words.

Foreign policy debate

The BBC reported on the inauguration event, which had been delayed from 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic, and shared some of what Clinton had to say, but made little mention of the fact that the honored guest faced such sharp rebuke from the crowd.

In fact, aside from mentioning the “shame on Queen’s” chant, no mention was made of what else was uttered by the protesters, and the British media outlet merely stated that the crowd of protesters had taken issue with the foreign policies of the United States.

But while those protesters may indeed have problems with U.S. foreign policy — I mean, who in this world doesn’t right now? — that isn’t exactly what was being shouted, at least in the video shared to social media.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria

Instead, Clinton was directly and repeatedly accused of being a “war criminal,” and the Daily Caller provided a few examples of why the protesters may have used that particular phrase.

As a U.S. senator from New York in 2002, Clinton had voted to authorize the Iraq War, which she proudly promoted as justified until political winds shifted and later claimed to have regret for that vote.

It is unclear if Clinton has any regrets from her actions as secretary of State between 2009 and 2013, which included supporting a surge of troops and drone strikes in Afghanistan, as well as advocating and promoting then-President Barack Obama’s unauthorized military excursions into Libya — to say nothing of her abandonment of Americans in Benghazi in 2012 — as well as her open but unsuccessful encouragement for an invasion into Syria to topple its government.

Whether Hillary Clinton is actually a “war criminal” is a designation left to the international court, but it was quite clear on Friday that at least those protesters in Belfast believe she is guilty of far more than just being a sore loser.

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