Rep. Clyburn admits Congress knew its spending packages would result in price inflation

More so than any other domestic or foreign issue, the current economic downturn and price inflation are clearly the top concern of a majority of voters, and those problems have been linked by many Americans to the massive spending packages passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress over the past few years, particularly under President Joe Biden.

That causal link to inflation of excessive government spending has been strenuously denied by the Biden White House, but now a top Biden ally and prominent House Democrat has admitted what many suspected — inflation is linked to federal spending and everyone knew the massive spending packages would result in higher prices, TheBlaze reported.

Clyburn’s admission

That Biden ally is House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC), who made the stunning admission that sharply undercuts the White House narrative during an appearance last week on MSNBC.

The cable network’s host referenced how some Americans were complaining about having to deal with skyrocketing price inflation for basic goods while Democrats in Washington D.C. were patting themselves on the back for their legislative accomplishments.

“Well let me make it very clear,” Clyburn said. “All of us are concerned about these rising costs, and all of us knew this would be the case when we put in place this recovery program.”

“Any time you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise,” the South Carolina Democrat accurately added, though he then went on to also blame supposedly greedy corporations and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as major contributors to inflated pricing for gas and groceries, among virtually everything else.

KJP admits it, too

Interestingly enough, TheBlaze further reported that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also seemed to acknowledge the link between congressional spending and price inflation, albeit inadvertently, during a press briefing last week.

Jean-Pierre was asked when Americans could expect to see some financial relief, which prompted the press secretary to rehash some of the more recent actions taken to supposedly address and reduce high prices, only to be countered with the observation that inflation really began to soar about 18 months ago, shortly after Biden took office.

“Well, 18 months ago, the President signed the American Rescue — Rescue Plan more than — about — back in April of 2021,” Jean-Pierre replied, perhaps not realizing that she had just confirmed the connection between the extravagant and arguably unnecessary additional spending packages rammed through with just Democratic votes and the price inflation that is ruining the economy and many American families.

So does the Fed

It must also be noted that it isn’t just a Republican talking point to link the massive federal spending on pandemic relief efforts over the past few years with price inflation, as that same conclusion was reached by none other than the economic analysts of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in March of this year.

The analysis noted that inflation was an issue in all developed nations but was higher in the United States, and determined that “Estimates suggest that fiscal support measures designed to counteract the severity of the pandemic’s economic effect may have contributed to this divergence.”