CNN’s Brian Stelter attacks Fox News, says censorship is necessary for ‘harm reduction’

The push from many on the political left to censor and shut down its political opposition has ramped up in recent months.

A recent example of an individual seeking to silence opposition is CNN host Brian Stelter, who attacked his network’s chief rival, Fox News, and argued that censorship of certain ideas is necessary on social media and on television as part of a “harm reduction strategy,” the Washington Examiner reported

Stelter made the remarks during the broadcast of his show, Reliable Sources, on Sunday and argued that limiting the “freedom of reach” of certain people and entities is necessary for the good of society.

“Freedom of reach”

“How can that harm be reduced? Well, Big Tech platforms say they are removing lies about vaccines and stamping out stop the steal B.S. and QAnon cult content,” Stelter said.

“Do these private companies have too much power?” he went on. “Many people would say sure. But reducing a liar’s reach is not the same as censors freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach.”

Stelter, partially quoting former Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt, then turned his focus on rival outlets, complaining, “News consumers are both overfed and malnourished at the same time, gorging on empty information calories, indulging their sugar fixes of self-affirming half-truths, outright lies.”

“It’s impossible to make those lies go away, but they can be reduced,” the left-wing host insisted, characterizing such an effort as “harm reduction.”

Stelter’s denial

Stelter then went on to deny that there was any push to deplatorm Fox News despite having just alleged that networks like it were selling “half-truths” and “outright lies” and need to change.

“Tucker Carlson is telling viewers that this network, CNN, is trying to force Fox News off the air, which is patently false,” the host said.

“It is as predictable as the sunrise. Democrats win elections, and then Republicans say they are being silenced. While some cry cancel culture, let me suggest a different way to think about this: a harm reduction model,” Stelter continued.

Conservative podcast host Ben Shapiro challenged Stelter’s denial on Monday’s episode of The Ben Shapiro Show. “So you have ‘Reliable Sources,’ this is supposed to be a free speech program, saying, ‘Freedom of speech is really important, but what we would love is for private companies to restrict that freedom of speech,'” Shapiro said.

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22 Responses

  1. Pretty soon, Stelter, someone is going to “limit YOUR reach”…No one within any brains listens to YOU anyway…

    1. Martin you are so right…this nobody thinks he so smart and can snooker anyone with his BS! He gives us the fuel to keep this paid communist Chinese news in the cross hairs until it is sunk!

    2. You are voicing your bias. You are presuming that people that view other than, I guess Fox news, doesn’t have a brain. Do yourself a favor and broaden your news input. By doing this it allows people to make informed comments.

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  3. Humpty is so delusional it’s pathetic, seems like he wants to be king of the air waves spewing DNC propaganda. You do not own the air waves, wake up and hire REAL JOURANILISTS!!!!!

  4. Yes, I wish there were real journalist on TV then I could again listen to the news. Right now I do not watch TV news and we all should not so they fail big time and then start over with real news again.
    I read news on internet but I will not watch it on TV unless and until it is really news worth watching again.

  5. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the the journalist couldn’t put him back together again.. yellow egg on the news floor!!

  6. BS is what BS is. Who died and made the sole provider of censorship. He needs censoring for the 5yrs of Russia, Russia, Russia alone.

  7. Martin you are so right…this nobody thinks he so smart and can snooker anyone with his BS! He gives us the fuel to keep this paid communist Chinese news in the cross hairs until it is sunk!

  8. Does this lowlife Stelter really and honestly believe Big Joe legally won the election! What a sad mess this country is now in. FBI and SCOTUS are useless.

  9. If he wants to stop the lies on TV News, he should start with CNN, the biggest lying News Network on TV. Maybe if CNN stopped the lying, they might start getting listeners again and the other networks might do the same. I don’t know what the Democrats would do if all the networks refuse to put out their lies.

  10. THE only one who is overfed is humpty dumpty himself, has he looked in the mirror lately? He has been eating to many chinese egg rolls, given to him by his friends in CHINA

  11. cnn Communist News Network, is not Relevant. cnn IS Harmful to your Health ! BIGGEST NON NEWS NETWORK on the planet. Although it is the LARGEST None News Network of all, it is also Known as the leading propaganda source for the Idiot party, the democrats.

  12. Steltzer you are such a moron. Quit thinking what you have to say matters. You and your network lie so much and destroy lives. We Americans are so tired of the democrats and news media. WHY does the left want to take freedoms. Why do the left want to not respect OUR MILITARY. Quit. Media do you want to lose your freedoms? Your children and grand kids too? Are you human? Media I blame you for what you lied of what you told your viewers. Why not give all the news to your viewers? Speaking the truth is a great feeling. You should try it. Everyone should try it.

  13. Brian been a idiot for years. The only people listening are the brain dead fools. Too bad he is not journalist. Just a hack who goes by his little feelings getting hurt. What a joke.

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