CNN host questions Katie Hobbs’ refusal to debate Kari Lake

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs has consistently refused to debate her Republican opponent Kari Lake.

That has led to anger among some within her own party, a fact that even CNN anchor Dana Bash recently pointed out.

Hobbs says it is easier to “have a conversation” without Lake interrupting

As RedState contributor Nick Arama noted in an article on Sunday, Bash confronted Hobbs over her reluctance to face Lake during an interview this past weekend.

“She just answered my questions for a lot of minutes,” Bash said of a previous interview with Lake. “A lot of Democrats are questioning your decision. And they’re saying it’s the wrong decision.”

When Bash asked Hobbs why she would not debate Lake given that she has labeled the Republican contender a threat to democracy, Hobbs responded, “There is a lot more ability to have a conversation with you without her interruptions and shouting, to do that.”

Hobbs refuses to say what limits she would put on abortion

That wasn’t the only awkward moment for Hobbs, as at another point in the interview Bash asked her five times if she favors putting any limits on abortion.

“Can you clarify, do you support any legal limits on abortion in Arizona?” Bash inquired. Hobbs replied, “Look, the fact is that right now we are under an extreme 15-week ban that limits health care options for women who need them.”

However, when Bash repeatedly pressed Hobbs for an answer as to what abortion policy she would pursue, the Democratic nominee refused to provide a clear answer.

Hobbs’ reluctance to debate stands in sharp contrast with Lake’s approach: while appearing alongside Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters on Saturday, Lake said she is willing to debate Hobbs even if left-leaning hosts of “The View” were to serve as debate moderators.