CNN hosts notes that Democrats helped MAGA candidates win primary races

Conservatives have long accused CNN of being biased towards Democrats. Yet in a surprising move, one of the networks recently called out a high-level Democratic official. 

According to the Blaze, that incident took place this past Wednesday when Jake Tapper interviewed New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney.

Tapper noted that Maloney, who also serves as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), has complained about the number of so-called “election deniers” who have been nominated as Republican candidates.

Yet Tapper pointed out that Democrats have plowed some $53 million into Republican primary races in order to get many of those candidates on the ballot.


“By amplifying these election deniers, aren’t you holding responsibility, to a degree, for the undermining of democracy that you’re also warning about?” Tapper asked.

Initial reaction

Maloney initially reacted with incredulity, saying, “Oh my God! Jake, let’s be really clear. What that question you just played was about who’s questioning the outcome of elections, and that started with Donald Trump and we all know it.”

“And let’s be clear, that $53 million, it’s $400,000 out of the DCCC in one race–one–where we ran a we ran a true election ad two weeks early calling John Gibbs an extremist who’s too conservative for western Michigan,” he continued.

However, Tapper wasn’t convinced, pointing out that the ad was aimed at boosting his appeal among Republican primary voters.

Explosive response

“Come on! You guys were boosting John Gibbs, an election denier, a MAGA Republican, so that he would beat Congressman Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach Donald Trump after the Capitol attacks,” Tapper noted.

“You thought Gibbs would be easier for your Democratic candidate to beat. So, you boosted him. That’s the only reason he won that race!” the host insisted.

A flustered Maloney then accused Tapper of attempting to be “kind of cute” before conceding that his organization believed that Gibbs would be an easier opponent than Meijer, a relatively moderate Republican who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

“When people like you say, ‘Where are all the good Republicans’— you help defeat one of them!” Tapper concluded.