CNN analyst: Manchin should leave Democratic Party

One CNN “analyst” is pressuring Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) to leave the Democratic Party, according to Fox News. 

Since when is it the role of a news analyst to pressure a politician to change his political party? What category of “analysis” does this fall under?


Before we get to what the so-called analyst had to say, it is worth providing some context.

The Democrats have been working overtime to try to get President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill passed before Christmas. The measure has already made it through the House, but it has been a different story in the Senate.

Despite the fact that the Democrats only need a simple majority of 51 votes to pass the measure, since they are using the reconciliation process, the Build Back Better bill has stalled in the Senate as, most notably, Sen. Manchin has refused to support the radical $1.9 trillion bill.

The Biden White House and Manchin have been in negotiations over the past week, and it appears that no progress has been made. Biden, in fact, just waved the white flag indicating that the Build Back Better bill will not be passed before Christmas.

Some Republicans are even going so far as to express their belief that the radical legislation is now dead. We’ll see.

“It would be better off . . .”

It is this situation that CNN “analyst” Kirsten Powers, the former Democratic staffer, was asked by CNN to provide some analysis on. She did so during a recent appearance on “Don Lemon Tonight.”

“So [Manchin] is for the child tax credit, but he has been saying all along that he had a problem with the price tag and the scope [of the Build Back Better bill]; so why are Democrats surprised that this isn’t going anywhere?” Lemon asked Powers.

Powers replied: “Because the price tag has come down substantially, and at this point, there is no reason for Joe Manchin to believe that this entire bill should be written to his specifications as if the only opinion that matters is his.”

Powers then went on to argue that Manchin ought to just switch parties:

Honestly, at this point I think it would be better off if he just became an independent or a Republican so that we can stop playing this game that Joe Biden has these Democrats that he’s not bringing around because there’s just no reason to not support this bill if you’re a Democrat. At least it would be very clarifying. He could still be an independent and caucus with the Democrats when he wants to, but be very clarifying because he’s not opposing this bill based on any issues that any Democrat wouldn’t support. Moderate Democrats support this bill in the House. This is not about this being this wildly progressive bill. This is a perfectly mainstream bill.

We can also think of some more things that would help with clarity: such as if Powers would stop referring to herself as an analyst, and if CNN would stop referring to itself as a news outlet. Both are propagandists, and if the mainstream media started referring to itself as such, it’s likely this country would be a lot better off.

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