CNN, NBC bought footage of Capitol riot from Antifa-linked activist: Reports

In the weeks since the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill, mainstream media outlets have consistently shared photos and video clips of the violence and destruction that ensued.

As recent reports indicate, one activist currently facing criminal charges related to actions during the incident was paid thousands of dollars by major news outlets for video footage he obtained at the scene.

Self-described journalist John Sullivan is also believed to be aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement, according to the New York Post.

A controversial track record

Despite his claims that he was in D.C. to report on the mayhem, prosecutors say Sullivan was an active participant based on the allegation that he climbed through a broken window of the Capitol building.

He is also accused of encouraging rioters to go further in their criminal behavior, including through remarks caught on camera, such as, “We’ve got to get this s*** burned.”

One of the newsworthy video clips he was able to record was the fatal shooting of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol police officer. His attorneys are pointing to the fact that he was subsequently compensated for the footage as evidence that he was at the Capitol to capture the events unfolding there.

Sullivan’s lawyers say that he sold the video of the shooting to CNN and NBC for $35,000 each.

“Informed staff to cease all use of the video”

In a statement from CNN, the network claimed that it was “contacted by a reputable agent regarding an eye-witness video from the Capitol Hill riots.”

The media outlet further asserted that it “entered into a one-week agreement for use of 44-seconds of key content, which was attributed to the witness on air.”

Upon discovering that Sullivan’s “role in the event was later called into question,” CNN declared that it “informed staff to cease all use of the video.”

Beyond his alleged involvement in last month’s riot, critics have pointed to Sullivan’s apparent association with various Antifa-related movements. For example, he has been identified as the founder of Insurgence USA, a self-described anti-fascist group that supports protests against law enforcement.

His actual political views, however, remain unconfirmed, with some reports suggesting that he is seen by various far-left activists as a saboteur and scam artist. Prosecutors have sought to have his profiles banned from social media, but a judge denied that request as part of a decision that ordered him to curtail all activities related to Insurgence USA, according to Politico.

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  2. Slowly but surely the truth is coming out. President Trump was not the cause of this riot. It was planned well in advance by blm, antifa, g. soros people and the crooked fbi, cia, doj. N. peeloser is reasonable for the security of the capitol and she knew what was going to happen but did nothing to stop it just as the fbi and the other agenices that tried to hang President Trump on the fake Russia hock. When oh when will the demoncRATs learn. China joe is for China himself and his family and the biden mafis..

  3. In all my years, the last 5 years and has increased 10 fold the hate and total disreguard of decency of news casters from just about all news media, this is a total melt down of America as i knew it. Hatered is a fester on the human soul and will never end good. The bible has said brother against brother, father against mother, this has become ascourge on man kind.

  4. When will it end? Government employees please do your job , we the poor people are starving. Enough already! Put people back to work and kids back to school.
    Some of you already filled up your bank account so stop the nonsense and save the people.

  5. Of course DJT wasn’t behind Jan 6 and the slime dems and their slime msm along with the slime FBI and slime DOJ and even the slime SCOTUS knows it. The problem is the truth will never be brought to light with what is at the helm of todays authority. The only way the fraud election, the Jan 6 incident will ever be exposed is if a whistleblower has a conscience and feels guilty for being a part of the worst crime ever in our history…a coup d’etat and a riot at the Capital that took 5 innocent lives. Hey a brave whistleblower exposed Cuomo so all hope for the truth is not losed.

  6. Right now our Government leaders are as corrupt as they can get. And they are slowly getting caught for their crimes while in office. That’s when they will start ratting one another out. These crooks can’t lie and cheat the American people forever. What ever they sell under the table to other county’s belongs to the American people and not their hidden bank accounts. It’s time for the death penalty for these traitors within our government . Other than that these Traitors just laugh at we the people lately as if they know something that we don’t know yet.

  7. I recieved a post of that antifa member with the horned hat painted face topless guy and Michael Vos…where Michael Vis took a selfie of himself and the horn hat antifa guy.minutes begire the riot….so a good lawyer with common sence and a love for TRUTH would investagate the men boys punks whatever who were arrested for rioting they should check there bank acvounts…i believe they were PAID by the Demos to pretend to be Trump Supporters and riot the senate just so they could prove Trump caused the riot…but what thr demos didnt count on was THE FACTS and they couldnt prove anything other then just how stupid they real are….Somrone needs to have a conscience and what they did nerd to bother them every srcond if every day and night..That person needs to blow the whistle and come clean…

  8. Investigate the guy’s bank account! Ten to one odds they would find that Piglosi paid them to riot, along with her “ boyfriend” Schumer! Snakes in a den, all sleeping with each other! Impeach all of them!!!!

  9. These people are criminals. No I guess or let’s see the evidence. Jail time. Talk with your cell mates about how wonderful you are for destroying America. Take CNN and MSNBC staff, Cuomo, Harris, Newsome, Pelosi(maybe share a cell with Jodi Arias), Walters, Schumer and how many others? Intentional violence. Trump is not guilty. Put him back in office for this fraud coverup of outrageous proportions.

  10. So much evil in DC pelosi is so evil she is scared I death. They all need to go to jail and our President Trump needs to take back the White House. We are going to hell in a hand basket if something is done SOON.

  11. journalist john sulivan, like the rest of the scum suckers WILL DO & Say Anything in The ” GET PRESIDENT TRUMP ” JUST like The Swamperz on and around the hill !!
    I wonder, HOW these A$$HOLES would React ” IF ” They were In The Same Place !!
    GOD’s Watching ….. And The Devil Is Waiting FOR His DUE’s ….Maybe, YOU Will ALL GET, What’s Coming To You. Sooner Than You Think !!

  12. Must be an accident since a real perp was arrested. I have to wonder which commie will be held accountable for the mistake.

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