CNN puts Democrat Katie Hobbs on the spot for refusing to debate Kari Lake

CNN put Arizona’s would-be Democratic governor Katie Hobbs on the spot for her refusal to debate MAGA rock star Kari Lake, and it wasn’t pretty.

Hobbs was asked by no less than Don Lemon why she won’t go on stage with her Republican opponent and challenge her “conspiracy theories” about the 2020 election head-on.

CNN puts cowardly Democrat on the spot

A stammering Hobbs said she doesn’t want to feed a “spectacle” by giving a platform to Lake’s “election denialism.”

“You know, not only is Kari Lake centered her entire platform around this election denialism, I didn’t want to give her a bigger stage to do that. But also, she has shown she’s not interested in any kind of substantive conversation, she’s only interested in creating a spectacle,” she said.

But Lemon pressed, insisting that Hobbs would make more of an impact by confronting Lake on public television. Hobbs kept dodging, saying she is not going to change her approach days out from the election and accusing Lake — ironically enough — of dodging “tough questions” from “real reporters.”

“We’re six days out from the election and our campaign strategy is our campaign strategy,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs’ timidity isn’t paying dividends, with a RealClearPolitics average of polls showing that Lake is leading by almost two points.

“Democracy” defender afraid to debate?

Lake didn’t hesitate to mock Hobbs’ painful interview on Twitter:

Hobbs has based her campaign on portraying herself as a courageous defender of “democracy” against Donald Trump’s “Big Lie,” but Hobbs apparently thinks so little of voters that she refuses to debate her opponent.

While Hobbs sticks to the comfort of the CNN studio, Lake has been unafraid to engage with adversarial media — and it’s been getting her lots of attention. Her campaign put out a lacerating statement responding to Hobbs’ claim that Lake doesn’t talk to “real reporters.”

“It’s rich to hear Katie Hobbs claim on CNN that Kari Lake only talks to fake news outlets, given that Kari Lake has talked to CNN (is Hobbs calling CNN fake news?) as well as CBS, ABC, Fox News, multiple broadcast networks in Arizona, and in fact takes questions from dozens of reporters from dozens of outlets almost on a daily basis,” the Lake campaign said. “Kari Lake has run one of the most press accessible campaigns in history while Katie Hobbs refuses to debate, runs from reporters, and hides in her basement.”