CNN ratings down 44% in first full week of Biden administration

As the Trump administration came to an end, many CNN viewers likely wondered what the cable news network would spend its time discussing. Network bosses might now be asking themselves the same question.

After years of primarily hostile coverage of the former president, the channel’s ratings dropped precipitously over the course of President Joe Biden’s first two weeks in office.

Other networks also see decline in viewers

Variety confirmed the bad news for CNN in a recent report, noting that the network’s primetime numbers fell by about 44% during the week of Jan. 25 compared to the previous week.

As an example, CNN Tonight with host Don Lemon cratered from just over three million viewers to about 1.7 million. Similarly, Chris Cuomo’s nightly program deflated from 3.8 million viewers to just 2.1 million over the same period.

Of course, Fox News Channel and MSNBC ratings also saw a dip in the first days of the Biden administration, but neither saw the same rate of decline.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was the only primetime personality across all of the cable news networks to show an increase — albeit modest — in viewers.

The dropoff in ratings came shortly after CNN posted its best month ever, even beating Fox News, which had dominated the ratings for two decades straight.

“Donald Trump is gone now”

Although short-lived, the spike in viewers for CNN was largely predictable given the aftermath of the November election and last month’s deadly riot on Capitol Hill, which provided the network with a narrative of “insurrection” and allowed hosts to denounce Trump supporters who participated as “terrorists.”

Furthermore, CNN has even made the stunning call for rival Fox News to be taken off the air for allegedly spreading false information.

Despite the current slump, CNN could find another boost to its ratings next week when a second impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate kicks off against Trump.

With the media narrative surrounding Biden focused on his supposed boring presence in the White House, any excitement from the impeachment hearings is likely to be embraced by the mainstream media.

Carlson addressed the reversal of fortunes in the news landscape, stating on Monday: “Donald Trump is gone now. That’s very bad news for the many people who made a living yelling at Donald Trump.”

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29 Responses

    1. His expressed contempt for the military does not bode well for our country. We is in big trouble with the biden anti American agenda.

    2. He is already doing so, sending more troops to Syria, bowing to China and Russia, going against Israel and with Palestine.

    3. Biden is a senile fool. No suprise thst everyone on his staff are dedicated ststists or communists. Every stupid move he makes will wreck the country. The democrat party is the party of criminals, illegal alliens, BLM and ANTIFA thugs, the teachers union, cheap labor billionaires, muslim refugees, people dependent on government handouts, and brainwashed liberal professors and students.

  1. Maybe its because all the lies you yell people know ypur a bunch of fakes so they don’t want to hear from you Buy Bye. I never watched you I just saw clips of Don Lemons racist tirades and it turned me off. Thanks Don not worth watching

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  3. I wouldn’t watch CNN if it was the last news show on the planet. They are left wing all the way. Clearly they hated President Trump and all the good things he did for the people of the United States. CNN makes me want to puke on their desks. Absolutely despicable people!!!

  4. Biden’s pentagon idiot just told our military to stand down for 2 months for some kind of racial training. WHAT??? Those idiots just gave China 2 more months to devastate the planet, and ruin our country.. Our military is the best in the world, thanks to President Trump. Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, et al are the ones who should be impeached immediately.

    CNN is one of the worst on TV – they should be shut down. The stupid mental midgets there tout how great Biden and his idiots are. They should be ashamed – but they think they’re the greatest bunch around. I never watch them or mostly stupid NBC ( MSNBC) – only see any of them when Tucker, Hannity, or Laura Ingraham show clips of their stupidity.

  5. CNN is down in ratings= PRESIDENT TRUMP wins again. Never in my life have I ever seen such disrespect for a sitting president as put forth by the children news network. The clown news should all be issued a tiny horn to carry around in there pocket, when they talk someone will listen, because no one cares what they have to say. Perhaps they can get a job making solar panels in china. Such a sad sad world country you have all had a part in creating.

  6. CNN used to be the top new station… now they’re a joke. OAN is the BEST news station going. They report and dig for the truth. Give it ALL to us without their opinion. If your cable station doesn’t offer it tell them you want it or you’ll check around

  7. Now that President Trump is gone democrats are hesitant to have anything anti biden witch would get ratings nobody’s tuning in to hear pro biden stories and there aren’t enough liberals interested in the communist news network

  8. Yeah, corruption& greed has destroyed the planet. God must be disgusted and might just want to “start over”. The Thief in Chief will start a war for money, but it’s not like the old days. This time we will end up nuking ourselves into the next dimension. Thanks alot liar, liar, pants on fire.

  9. Remark all you like, but the damage CNN has done can never be undone as the MSM remains unanswerable, irresponsible and still laughing in your Face about dividing America.
    Until they become fully accountable and the People of America truly recognize inSINcerity from the Left, life will go on while 1984 becomes a reality.

  10. We now know how corrupt CNN is why would we want to hear anything they have to say. One thing CNN never thought is that there are still people who have their own minds & think for ourselves & know liars when we hear them speak! I’m hoping they go down to zero%! By By CNN!

  11. The few times I turned to CNN this past year, they were ALL engaged in conversations that ripped President Trump apart. It appeared each reporter (?) had been given particular phrases to say during their segment, because the very same phrases were repeated by every single reporter (?) throughout the day! When I tuned in to see what they were showing about the various cities that were being destroyed with burning, looting, fighting, and shooting, it wasn’t even being mentioned or shown! Obviously, their viewers knew nothing about it! I question the word “reporters” because there weren’t any! CNN no longer reports the news. For the past 4 years, their sole purpose has been to impeach the president, nothing else! Well, he’s gone now and I find their gushing over Biden totally repulsive. Unfortunately, they allowed their blatant hate for Trump and over-bearing admiration of Biden, to destroy CNN! Viewers expect to see NEWS, not opinions of supposedly reporters!

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