CNN will move Don Lemon out of primetime

The Boston Globe has reported that CNN is about to undergo another major shakeup, this time involving left-wing star Don Lemon. 

Lemon will no longer host his show

According to the paper, Lemon is being moved out of his primetime spot and will instead appear later this year in a daytime slot currently occupied by “New Day.”

Rather than leading his broadcast, Lemon will serve as a cohost of the show alongside White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins and “CNN Newsroom” anchor Poppy Harlow.

Meanwhile, current “New Day” hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar are expected to remain with CNN but will operate in a different capacity.

Lemon is known for being vocal in his attacks on conservatives. In 2019, USA Today reported that he twice called then President Donald Trump a racist while moderating a Democratic primary debate.

The paper pointed out that Trump responded with a tweet questioning Lemon’s intelligence, something the host later cited as more evidence of racism.

“The president has called a lot of people stupid,” USA Today quoted Lemon as saying on his show a day after the debate.

“Some of those people are white,” Lemon acknowledged before adding, “But I would just like to note that referring to an African American as dumb — remember this is America — is one of the oldest canards of America’s racist past and present: that black people are of inferior intelligence.”

Lemon’s demotion comes in the wake of CNN’s decision last month to fire former “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter, who is another outspoken critic of Republicans.

New CNN president striving for a less partisan tone

The changes appear to fit with the vision of new CNN president Chris Licht, who took over from former network head Mark Zucker.

An Axios article published in June stated that whereas Zucker made attacks on former President Donald Trump and his supporters a major theme of CNN’s programming, Licht is seeking to set a less overtly partisan tone.

Echoing that approach is billionaire media mogul John Malone, whose company controls a major stake in CNN’s parent company Discovery-TimeWarner. Malone said in an interview with CNBC late last year that he would like CNN to go “back to the kind of journalism that it started with.”