CNN’s Brian Stelter sees viewership plummet post-Trump: Report

With former President Donald Trump out of the White House, CNN’s Brian Stelter is struggling to keep viewers interested in what he has to say.

In a humiliating blow for the CNN host, the Daily Wire reports that Stelter’s show, Reliable Sources, has lost 72% of its viewers since its height in early January, days after a breach at the U.S. Capitol that gave Democrats and their media allies months of ammunition to attack Republicans, and days before Trump handed over the Oval Office to now-President Joe Biden.

Just 752,000 viewers tuned into Stelter’s latest program, according to The Daily Wire, and only 129,000 in the coveted 18-to-29 demographic. He has not hit 1 million viewers in 11 weeks now, The Daily Wire notes.

Right after the Capitol breach, Stelter reportedly had 2.7 million viewers for his Sunday program. Around that time, viewers were also watching to see whether Trump would be impeached for a second time by the House and whether he’d concede defeat after weeks of contesting the results of the 2020 race.

Viewers aren’t buying it

After Biden took office, however, interest in left-wing news quickly faded. Trump was no longer around to bash on a daily basis, and Biden was deliberately trying to be boring and not attract much attention.

It seems even those on the left aren’t clamoring for the media to keep propping up a weak-looking Biden, hiding his gaffes, and bashing Republicans over much more trivial matters than whether Biden is fit to run the country and lead the free world.

In addition, viewers seem uninterested in watching Stelter grovel at the feet of Jen Psaki and company, as he did last week when, in the words of former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer, the CNN host spent an entire segment asking her: “Are we doing a good enough job of pushing the White House’s talking points? … Can we do better at it?”

Stelter started out asking the current White House press secretary what the media is getting wrong about the Biden agenda. According to The Daily Wire, Spicer tweeted of the question: “Alex, I’ll take questions I wish I’d gotten asked for $1,000.”

The steady diet of biased questions and glaring omissions seems to be too much to take, even for people who strongly agree with the Democrat agenda.

Fox News thriving

Of course, Fox News will always have a larger viewership than CNN and MSNBC, because those outlets are not much different than every other mainstream news source, from ABC to NPR.

In the same time slot as Stelter’s Sunday show, Fox News had 1.1 million viewers, and 12 different Fox News shows beat Stelter’s ratings in other time slots, The Daily Wire reported.

Despite all efforts to brainwash Americans into a left-leaning point of view, there remains a huge number of conservatives and skeptical independents who just aren’t buying what CNN and its ilk are selling. And until the mainstream journalists start stepping up, they can expect to continue to bleed viewers well into the Biden era.

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