CNN’s Don Lemon mocked after penning self-righteous diversity complaint

Four years of President Donald Trump have only seemed to make airheads like Don Lemon more ridiculous and arrogant than ever before.

In his latest bit, the CNN anchor has invited mockery with a weepy newsletter claiming that journalism does not prioritize diversity enough, prompting one writer to suggest he is asking for “race quotas.”

He’s the victim

Over the Trump years, Lemon has become known for melodramatic, pompous tirades on the air, and he didn’t hold back in a blistering and self-righteous newsletter for Politico.

In his latest missive, the CNN anchor claimed that journalists of minority backgrounds have been treated unfairly during the Trump years, calling on his colleagues to stop promoting the “white male patriarchy.”

“Black and brown journalists were more likely to be cancelled for speaking out than our white counterparts,” he said.

“I wonder how many journalists of color didn’t get hired or promoted because companies just didn’t want to deal with that in the age of Trump?” he asked.

In reality…

Outside the rarified, distorted world that Lemon lives in, where professional “victims” spent years attacking the president with impunity from their sinecures, the view looks quite different, as Eddie Scarry notes at the Washington Examiner.

Indeed, the journalists who have turned their profession into a laughing stock (Lemon’s colleagues, James Acosta, comes to mind) were more often showered with applause for their childish antics by dim-witted colleagues, simply for having the temerity to ask the president if he was not secretly Hitler.

“PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor was glamorized by Vogue and even got a book deal because she once asked the president if he was a white nationalist,” Scarry notes.

Scarry chalks up Lemon’s grievance to a demand for “race quotas,” and indeed, if that’s not what Lemon is asking for, he’s going to have to explain what it means for reporters to stop “journalistically [appropriating] us.”

In the meantime, being constantly embattled by a world that doesn’t share Lemon’s infinite self-regard has not stopped him from sharing his views on Trump supporters, who he recently insisted are basically all Nazis.

Lemon is many things, but smart is not one of them.

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24 Responses

    1. You have GROSSLY offended every TRUE MEATHEAD in the Nation!
      How could you be so callus and unfeeling toward so many innocent folks?
      After all, being a member of the Peoples Broadcasting System should lift him
      up from the common folk, right? Not to mention give him the feeling of
      Righteousness in all the crap he produces for the Leftist Public Propaganda
      System. It is sad for me to refer to them this way, I enjoyed their Programing for many of my 70+ years. Until they turned so hard Left they cannot think American.

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  2. Don Lemon is really a disturbed man who is full of hatred that you can actually see it in his eyes and his demeanor. He is in the need of professional help right away before he destroys hisself Open up a Bible also

  3. Lemon is the sadist excuse for a TV reporter that’s on tv. No one has ask for his theatrics nor his racist remarks. He whines all of the time about everyone being racist, when he is the very worst. It would be really nice, if he just reported the news and kept quite about everything else!

  4. What a joke. I don’t know why he is on our airways. He’s a perfect example that is totally unaware of how bad he really comes across with his hate for good hard working Americans. He thinks because there is not enough diversity in his world, try being a Republican on any MSM. You’ll be treated like a leper. 😢😢😢😢 baby.

  5. Don Lemon is a disgrace to the citizens of the US, at least those who have brains & a dash of common sense. However, just like the far left, he & they believe their own lies & views & always will. God kelp us!

  6. Don Le-mon, the millionaire actor who pretends to be a news anchor?? So how did he get that cushy, position… if the world is really rife with systemic racism?? He was able to work his way into a very lucrative position… is he saying, it was given to him?? IF he is saying he earned it thru his own hard work… then why doesn’t he think other Americans to work hard and achieve success (if you call it that) like he did??

  7. He is amply named because as a subhuman being he is a Lemon!

    Let’s see: he is supposedly liberal, black and queer! Maybe that explains his Dysfunctional Behavior……. yeah think?

    1. He hasn’t claimed to be a woman yet. Oh, well, it may come to that. That is all about being a Democrap.

  8. Joker, looser, poser, that is what he is, along with Acosta and Cuomo! Not a full brain between the three of them! Is this what our mainstream media has become? The msm comedy hour?

  9. This guy is disgraceful — just like others at CNN, he wants to BE the news, not just REPORT the news. As the Rock says: ” KNOW YOU ROLE, AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH ” …… LOL

  10. Between little Don Lemons and Jorge Lopez, this two should not be in TV they are the worst of the worst, including Nancy Pelosi.

  11. Don Lemon is a complete bafoon! He’s been on the backs of anyone that isn’t black! Forget him, if he comes on I turn him off, he makes me sick!

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