Stephen Colbert suggests Fox News reporter Peter Doocy should be physically assaulted over questions to Biden

The illiberal left does not like to be questioned or have their carefully constructed narratives challenged and has increasingly displayed a willingness to engage in violence against those with the audacity to pose such queries.

Thus, we hear uproarious laughter and applause from a left-leaning crowd in response to late-night “comedian” Stephen Colbert suggesting that Fox News reporter Peter Doocy deserved to be slapped for daring to ask President Joe Biden questions about dubious prior statements, Breitbart reported.

Colbert’s call for violence

The call for violence against Doocy by Colbert — regardless of whether it was a “joke” or not — came during Tuesday’s program and was made about actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars awards show Sunday night in response to a joke about Smith’s wife that he didn’t like.

Again, joke or not, Colbert made it clear that, in his view, Doocy’s “ridiculous” questioning of Biden — seeking clarification on particularly concerning remarks uttered in recent days — justified a resort to physical assault against the Fox News reporter, even as Colbert had just one night earlier condemned Smith’s physical assault on Rock over mere words as entirely unjustifiable or permitted.

After playing a brief clip of only part of the exchange between Doocy and Biden, Colbert said to great approval from his audience, “Remember how on last night’s show I said slapping is never, ever the answer? I’d like to file a one-time exemption on behalf of the president of the United States.”

Questions were legitimate and necessary

The thing is, physical violence is never an appropriate response to mere words or unappreciated questions, and in this particular case, Doocy was entirely justified and worthy of commendation for pressing Biden on his own words from just days earlier that had sparked international controversy and threatened to escalate the Russia-Ukraine conflict beyond its current limited state.

During Monday’s press conference, Doocy had sought clarification from Biden on three separate statements he made over the weekend. Biden, in turn, had arrogantly and falsely denied initially that he even made such statements before adopting a snarky and dismissive tone in making excuses after Doocy quoted back what he had said.

The first of those quotes came Friday during a NATO press conference during which Biden, asked about a U.S. response to the potential use of chemical weapons by Russia, said that the U.S. and NATO would deliver “a response in kind” — meaning doing the same thing, using chemical weapons.

The second quote came Saturday while Biden addressed 82nd Airborne troops deployed to Poland and insinuated that they would soon be deployed to Ukraine to fight against Russians — something Biden and his White House has repeatedly assured the American people is an option that is not on the table.

The final quote came Sunday during a final speech Biden delivered in Poland, during which he repeatedly railed against Russian President Vladimir Putin and appeared to call for Putin’s ouster and regime change as he concluded, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

When pressed about those statements by Doocy, Biden initially lied and said “None of the three occurred” before then spinning implausible explanations and then becoming insulting toward one of the few White House correspondents who consistently attempts to hold the administration accountable for its words and deeds.

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