Columnist: Absent fathers a factor in mass shootings

Democrats have wasted no time exploiting the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas to push for gun control. Right away, they want to punish average, law-abiding Americans for the crimes of one evil psychopath. What they don’t want to talk about is the deeper cause of mass shootings: America’s broken culture.

In an insightful column for the New York Post, author Adam Coleman put his finger on one thing that many mass shooters have in common: absent fathers.

Fatherlessness a factor

Boys need father figures to mature into healthy, confident men, Coleman wrote — and when fathers are absent, boys become “lost” and depressed. Coleman said he understands this phenomenon firsthand, because he grew up without a father himself.

“I understand what it feels like to be confused about how to be a man, feeling like you’re not being advocated for and becoming depressed to the point of considering suicide.”

Sure enough, the 18-year-old who shot up Robb Elementary in Uvalde had a poor relationship with his father. The shooter was not on speaking terms with his dad, who says he had not seen him much throughout the COVID pandemic.

Men who grow up without dads have trouble regulating their emotions, Coleman noted — and the percentage of such men has increased in recent years, with 25 percent of American children now growing up in single-parent households. Single parenthood has tripled since the 1960s, Coleman noted.

“Our boys are being forgotten, and being treated as such creates chaos for us all.”

Putting band-aids on a dying society

Coleman also noted that the father role is not valued in today’s society like it used to be.

“As a father to a teenage boy, I see clearly how critical I am for the growth and stability of my son. Simultaneously, I see how so many other boys, who were just like myself, are in desperate need of a father’s guidance — yet we’ve reduced fatherhood to being about what we provide monetarily,” he said.

The Uvalde shooter is far from the first to come from a broken home. The Sandy Hook shooter was living with his divorced mother when he shot and killed her before going on his rampage. The Parkland, Florida shooter was an orphan with a troubled home life.

These shooters often give warnings that go unheeded — not just by family members, but by the wider community (and, yes, the FBI.)

Democrats have spent decades denigrating masculinity and the traditional, nuclear family, so it’s no wonder they have no desire to talk about the real causes of gun violence: the collapse of the family and the community. They would rather impose a superficial “fix” that makes them more powerful.

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