Columnist asks if Joe Biden is a ‘racist’ or a ‘hypocrite’ for Africa travel ban

President Joe Biden’s brazen hypocrisy on COVID-19 travel bans is just the latest proof that his “follow the science” campaign pitch was little more than a political slogan. Biden is coming under fire for restricting travel from South Africa, despite slamming Trump as a “racist” for taking similar actions last year.

By Biden’s own standard, it would appear Biden is a “racist,” the Federalist reported

Is Biden “racist?”

The Biden regime and its propaganda arm in the mainstream media have been grasping at straws to justify Biden’s shift, Fox reported.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki sought to spin things by claiming that Biden was criticizing Trump’s contemporaneous remarks on the pandemic’s origins, not the travel ban itself. Trump’s accurate description of the virus as coming from China sent the left into hysterics, many will recall.

But as Jonathan Tobin notes at the Federalist, Biden’s own tweets clearly show the then-presidential candidate attempting to portray Trump’s China ban as part of a wider, “xenophobic” effort to seal off America from the outside world. In one tweet, Biden alluded to Trump’s southern border wall.

Of course, Biden’s COVID-19 hypocrisy doesn’t end with his travel ban. On the campaign trail last year, The New York Times reported, Biden notably painted the COVID vaccine, then being developed by the Trump administration, as dangerous.

Now that he’s president, Biden is forcing Americans to take the vaccine and boasting about Americans fired from their jobs for daring to refuse.

A mass murderer, too?

The greatest irony of all may be that more Americans have died of COVID-19 under president Biden than did under president Trump. Biden’s core campaign pitch was that Trump was a negligent mass murderer who didn’t believe in “science,” and that Biden would magically “shut down” the virus.

On the debate stage, Biden said directly to Trump, “anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

Does this mean that Biden is — in addition to being a racist — a mass murderer who must resign? We won’t hold our breath.

Instead of acknowledging that he failed to keep his absurd promise of making COVID-19 go away at the flick of a switch, Biden is viciously scapegoating Americans with borderline genocidal rhetoric and nonsensical promises to “protect” the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. That’s “following the science.”

The Democrats achieved their goal: they weaponized the pandemic to remove Trump from office, and now they’re ready to move on. They don’t care how much more damage they do to the country, or how divided things get. All they care about is power.

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