Columnist: Biden ATF nominee lied about Waco siege

President Joe Biden announced this week that he had nominated David Chipman to serve as the next director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Chipman previously served for 25 years in the ATF as a special agent before going on to become a top adviser to a prominent gun control advocacy group.

While that may have been a red flag in and of itself, it gets worse: Breitbart columnist John Nolte reports that Chipman is well-known for his anti-gun activism, and is even alleged to have spread misinformation about the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

Chipman’s controversial comments

In fact, it was just last year that Chipman willfully spread what Nolte described as an “outrageous and provable lie” about the Waco siege.

The comments reportedly came as Chipman served as “senior policy adviser” for the anti-Second Amendment group founded by former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence.

In an “ask me anything” thread on Reddit cited by Nolte, the former ATF special agent reportedly wrote:

At Waco, cult members used 2 .50 caliber Barretts to shoot down two Texas Air National Guard helicopters. Point, it is true we are fortunate they are not used in crime more often. The victims of drug lords in Mexico are not so lucky. America plays a role in fueling the violence south of the border.

As Nolte noted, that isn’t exactly what happened. While it is a possibility that some of the Branch Davidians fired shots at National Guard helicopters flying above and around the Waco compound, no helicopters were ever actually shot down, Nolte said, nor were any .50-caliber Barrett rifles ever recovered from the smoldering rubble left behind.

According to the congressional report detailing the “Activities of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Toward the Branch Davidians:”

The subcommittees reviewed videotape of the raid shot by agents in the helicopters as well as videotape of the exterior of the helicopters involved in the raid after the helicopters withdrew from the scene. [emphasis added]

The odds aren’t good

As for Chipman himself, The New York Times reported with regard to his nomination to head the ATF that the former special agent had previously advocated for “an assault weapons ban and other restrictions” on Second Amendment rights.

The Times did share a potential bit of good news for gun owners, however: Chipman likely faces incredibly long odds of actually being confirmed by the Senate.

“Senate Republicans have successfully blocked potential ATF directors who were much more in line with their pro-gun base,” the outlet noted.

However, “[Chipman’s] allies think he may be able to win narrow approval given the anguish over recent massacres in Boulder, [Colorado], and Atlanta,” the Times notes.

At the end of the day, Chipman has clearly proven himself untrustworthy, and worse, unreliable when it comes to defending Americans’ constitutional rights — hardly the traits you’d want to see in one of the federal bureaucracy’s top posts. One can only hope Senate Republicans can hold out against the pressure to give their thumbs-up.

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  2. We ARE the people! You are the government. You are not following the Constitution. Your job is to protect it. The People resent you for trying to change it. It was designed to stop people like you from abusing it. If you change what our forefathers developed there will be consequences.

  3. Biden has some real scary friends. He is a total waste of anyone’s breath. Can’t wait for 2022 and 2024.

  4. Pedo Joe’s pick is a Democrap so all one can expect NOTHING but LIES from them. That is how Democraps react to all situations.

  5. The Democrats will do what ever they have to do to make their overall plan to take over our government with their new communistic ways to control the American people. They are still trying to get away with stealing the election from Trump and rushing everything in order to accomplish their mission before WE THE PEOPLE realize that we’ve been had . This is the reason the Traitors are not telling the voters the truth about anything . These enemies just don’t realize that they are putting their lives in danger when the people realize what’s happened to them and their country. There will be no place for these evil Democrats to hide from all American people.

  6. Defunding the police will return the days of vigilante justice, the radical democrats, white’s, black’s will open a Pandora’s box of righteous justice extremist, seeking their ideal of justice, instead of established law, provided by our courts and society. If law and order is not allowed to continue, the radical left, will destroy out country from within. These deceivers have attained a political voice or position of authority and they must be removed and voted out of office, they are not real Americans, and do not abide by our American values, or our American Justice system. The Democrats who are in office now, lack the ability to govern, without our police force to serve, we will have total chaos.

  7. Agree with all posts. Biden has ALL of obama’s People in his cabinet! What does that tell you? Obama is running this sh!t show called the Biden administration! Biden is the stooge, and he is too stupid to see it! Sadly, the bad joke is on all of us!

  8. Well I guess it goes to show Biden is a treasonous crook, liar, fraudulent President, bully, racist, & all around creep so no one with any moral dignity would want to be in his cabinet, so he has to scrape the bottom of the barrel who are mostly questionable people!!!

  9. Biden has a history of smearing his opponents, lying and going after people in vicious personal ways. He is a Bad Man if There ever was one. He doesn’t care about the American people, just about enriching himself and his crime family.
    I would say he’s a garden-variety ConMan and crook.

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