Columnist: Biden, Harris peddle lies as crisis at US-Mexico border continues

While doing seemingly everything possible to make illegal immigration easier for foreign nationals, Joe Biden has insisted for months that the southern border is actually closed.

The absurdity of the president’s propaganda reached a surreal limit last week as thousands of Haitians gathered in a squalid camp in Texas — and rather than take responsibility, Biden attacked Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs. Now, in a column for The Hill, media critic Joe Concha is calling out Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ obscene “big lie” about agents using “whips” to deter the migrants.

The “big lie” about Border Patrol

The narrative had no basis in fact, as the photographer who took widely circulated images of Border Patrol agents on horseback confirmed.

But Biden and Harris were searching for a scapegoat for the southern border crisis, and so the agents were “declared guilty based on one misconstrued photograph,” Concha said in his Sunday column.

“Someone else needed to be blamed for this fiasco. And this time they couldn’t blame former President Trump,” he wrote. 

Concha noted that more than 1.5 million people have entered the country illegally with Biden’s permission. Understandably, righteously, Biden has received poor ratings on immigration for this dereliction of duty.

But rather than take responsibility, the president has chosen to open the border and then gaslight the American people.

Negligent president gaslights America

The Border Patrol agents were suspended after Biden, doing one of the few things he is good at, scapegoated them, saying, “I promise you, those people will pay.”

Huh? The president of the United States is going to make Border Patrol “pay” for defending the border? When will Biden “pay” for sponsoring a foreign invasion?

When asked if Biden rushed to judgment, Biden’s loyal spin master, Jen Psaki, said he did not and was “responding from his heart,” as Concha noted. This stuff just writes itself, honestly.

Once the “whips” story took flight, it just got more and more absurd. Harris even compared the agents’ actions to what would have occurred in “times of slavery.” Again, all for the crime of doing the job Biden and Harris are supposed to be doing: enforcing the immigration laws and protecting the American people.

Some 12,000 Haitians have been released already, according to the New York Post, and will almost surely stay in the country. What kind of president treats his own people this way?

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