Columnist urges Fox News to fire Carlson ‘before his dangerous rhetoric turns deadly’

Although he has consistently remained among cable television’s highest-rated personalities, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson has also remained among the most controversial.

USA Today columnist Steven Petrow has joined the growing chorus of critics who believe the popular pundit should be removed from the airwaves.

“Confront and harass mask wearers”

In a piece published on Monday, Petrow argued that Carlson’s commentary could “get someone killed.”

The columnist took particular issue with comments Carlson made regarding the perceived ineffectiveness of facemasks, accusing him of inciting “strangers to confront and harass mask wearers” in public.

Petrow went on to link such rhetoric to a recent experience he claimed to have had while wearing a mask on a walk outdoors in Miami, Florida.

“Coming from North Carolina, where masks were still required in public, I had mine on,” he wrote. “I understood there’s no such requirement in Florida, where folks are free to wear — or not wear — a mask outdoors.”

During his outing, Petrow recalled that “a stranger on a bicycle” confronted him as they approached each other.

“Used his primetime bully pulpit”

“I thought maybe he knew me but instead he shouted: ‘You got a mask on? Yeah, I got a (expletive) mask. You want me to shove it down your throat?'” he wrote.

Petrow added that the entire ordeal left him feeling “startled” and “afraid of this person’s out-of-the-blue and incendiary rage.”

Attempting to link his own personal experience to Carlson’s on-air rhetoric, he wrote that the Fox News host “used his primetime bully pulpit to urge his millions of viewers to confront strangers — like me — who choose to wear masks in public (and even to call 911 if they see kids wearing a mask).”

In an accompanying Fox News opinion piece, Carlson referred to the use of facemasks outdoors as “repulsive,” urging viewers to push back against the practice until it “is roughly as socially acceptable as lighting a Marlboro in an elevator.”

Carlson’s commentary has led to previous efforts to convince Fox News to fire him or for advertisers to pull their sponsorships of his show, but the network has thus far continued to defend him. As for Petrow, he referenced a riot on Capitol Hill earlier this year in concluding that the host should be fired “before his dangerous rhetoric turns deadly, exactly the way Trump’s did on Jan. 6.”

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25 Responses

      1. I completely agree with Teri and Kyle. He’s the best and the supreme court sucks pound water, I always held them in hi esteem and shouldn’t have the just like everyone in government crooked

  1. A person should be able to wear one or not, their call. Some countries wear them all the time because of lung compromised etc. No big deal. No one should try and confront another person. To much anger in people today. Like the Lady down in The Villeges in Florida went to a Burger King and got irate with the girl because her tomato slice was to thick and called her all kinds of racist names. Ridiculous!!

    1. If it’s a problem to “confront” someone wearing a mask outdoors. So is it okay for BLM and Antifa to confront people that are minding their business? Don’t you think you should go after BLM and Antifa to stop confronting people that are minding their own business. What you said about the masks is hypocritical.

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  3. It is so improper for the leftist to keep on priming people with hatred when Carlson and all the other truthful non lying announcers are doing so hard to get the truth to us American Patriots who love our USA, it is so hard to see the little fat guy from New York stand up and say all the discord going on in Seattle and Portland is only a MYTH, why do ignorant people like him Maxine, Nancy, AOC, Shumer, pencil neck and the little Muslims in Minnesota, Michigan get elected to serve in our beloved Christian America?

  4. Masks do not stop the virus, period. You need a personalized mask fitted to your face and an airfed respirator to insure clean airflow.
    The masks I see worn, have gaps or it is a kerchif with zero fit at the bottom. You can also catch the virus through your eyes.
    This is the Gestapo controlling the free people’s lives. You will march in lockstep or else.

  5. Tucker should not be fired for expressing his opinion that is his job. The one that should be fired for inciting to riot is Maxine Waters. People have the right to wear or not wear a mask and anybody giving them trouble for either wearing or not wearing should simply be told it is my right to do what I think is best for my health.

    1. I agree, people should mind their own business. It’s a very scary time an place that we live in. I got the vaccine but what did I get, sick for 48hrs and no reward. I myself had it with covid.

    2. This guy is nuts to even using this reason to get rid of Tucker Carlson; this kind of thing can be easily setup by anyone to justify their crazy/fake concern.

  6. The drums of the second civil war are getting louder every day. Watch out liberals you may just get extinguished.

  7. OK so Maxine Waters still has her job, a governmental congressional job and she has been inciting bad stuff for years. A double standard would be bad enough but no standard may just be worse.

  8. I really enjoy Tucker Carlson’s commentaries…..he speaks for those of us who have been canceled out. A brave soul!!!

  9. I find it laughable that any News Report with more than 3 or more Letters and zero vowels, that have Lied and Covered up actual IMPORTANT Facts for Years,
    Has ANY ROOM to SAY ANYTHING about anyone ELSE..

  10. Why are Democrats so scared? They must have a lot more skeletons in their collective closets than even we were aware of. I was always taught “you can run, but you can’t hide.” If they were as innocent as they proclaim they shouldn’t have to lie or try to hide.

  11. People really need to stop telling others (strangers) what to do! I wear my mask when I’m out in public. When I see someone who is not wearing one, I just steer clear of them! No need to get hysterical and confront them.

  12. I agree with Equalizer above. I truly believe that every Demcrat has a special place in hell just waiting for them. I’d like just a little window to view them in the lake of fire for eternity!! I’ll call that even!

  13. They “the democrats” or their true title “communists” which if you compare their policies there is little or no difference, have actually awakened the sleeping giant. The “push back” is coming ,thanks to Donald Trump. I’m old enough to remember when the democrats had a purpose for the American worker ,as well as the unions in the 50s’, but I’ve seen the power corrupt both.
    I was a democrat in my youth as were my parents, but in the 60s we switched when the changes and power started taking hold. Unfortunately it’s gotten Congress also, it will be tough but the true Americans will prevail!


  15. Funny how old lady Maxine Walter’s can get away with inciting violence against all Republicans and especially the comander in chief President Donald Trump, but Tucker Carlson can’t voice his opinions. BTW, he speaks for 90% of “WE THE PEOPLE” who are true Americans in every way, who believe in the constitution and will defend it with every ounce of our being! Can’t wait till 2022 to get these idiot democrats out of office!!

  16. Let’s put all these crazy left politicians on the Steve wilko’s show and ask them if they are lying about any thing they are promoting

  17. Who is this man Petrow and why would anyone be interested in his opinion of Carlson – or anyone else? Carlson at least has a brain and doesn’t waste it denigrating others.

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