Columnist: Media bewildered by Republican convention’s success

The stunning success of the Republican National Convention has left those in the mainstream media bewildered and dismayed, New York Post columnist John Podhoretz wrote Monday.

Podhoretz speaks for many who watched Monday night’s program when he argues that Trump’s foes are not happy with the “very effective” presentation.

“This could happen to you”

The talking points for the Republican convention were already in play before the first speaker took to the podium, with the media anticipating a “dark” and “divisive” convention focused on stoking Donald Trump’s base.

But in Podhoretz’s view, the media is so out of touch they simply have no way of understanding Donald Trump’s appeal.

The GOP’s convention has highlighted all the things Trump supporters love about the man — and what could play to Trump’s advantage this November, as Democrats ignore riots all over the country that have many Americans feeling afraid for the future, Podhoretz notes.

If anything, the convention brought out the darkness in what the Democrats have on offer, with a powerful distinction being drawn between law and order on one hand, and chaos on the other. Writing Monday, Podhoretz singled out the St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey as sending a message that millions of Americans will find receptive, whatever the media may think.

The couple warned that Democrats want to “abolish” the suburbs and leave homeowners exposed to violent mobs, according to a report from the Associated Press.

“Their message — this could happen to you, homeowners — surely struck a chord with Americans who own guns as protection,” Podhoretz wrote for the New York Post. “Stats tell us that 43 percent of all Americans live in a gun-owning household.”

Dems fall on sword of their arrogance?

The success of the Republican convention may, in the end, have simply been by design of the Democrat convention’s failure — and the general cluelessness of the media universe that Democrats inhabit.

Indeed, many have said that the Republican convention is better than the Democrats’ effort, with a crisper presentation and a more optimistic tone.

“The Democrats also may have done Trump a favor in spending four days last week talking about America’s supposed grave sins — structural racism, polluting, and the like. Speaker after speaker last night hammered them with tried-and-true Republican patriotism,” Podhoretz wrote Tuesday. He went on:

If Trump can turn this election around, it will be because these ideas resonate with the Americans the media have lost the power to hear and to whom they no longer even attempt to speak.

Are Democrats falling on the sword of their egoism?

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