Columnist rips ‘social media mob’ following Teen Vogue editor’s ouster

In an op-ed published Saturday, Fox News contributor and The Hill columnist Joe Concha slammed Teen Vogue staffers and “the social media mob” for forcing the resignation of the magazine’s new editor in chief over tweets she posted as a teen that she later said “perpetuated harmful and racist stereotypes about Asian Americans.”

The backlash against 27-year-old Alexi McCammond started soon after Teen Vogue announced her hiring last month and intensified after a series of spa shootings in Atlanta that left eight dead, including “six women of Asian descent,” according to The New York Times.

Concha, for his part, argued that most people had written insensitive or inflammatory things when they were teenagers, because teens are still figuring out what they think and believe.

“Perhaps you were in high school when social media didn’t exist or was in its infancy, so there is no record of your rhetorical or written ‘crime’ and, therefore, no ramifications,” the columnist wrote for The Hill. “But an African American journalist named Alexi McCammond didn’t have that luxury.”

Apologies aren’t good enough

McCammond had already apologized for the tweets in question, which included one expressing anger at an Asian teacher assistant who gave her a low grade without explaining what she did wrong on an assignment, according to the U.K.’s Independent. Another tweet reportedly read: “Now Googling how to not wake up with swollen, Asian eyes…”

Before her resignation, she apologized again. But as Concha noted, it just wasn’t good enough to satisfy the “woke” mob.

“[H]ere’s the most amazing part: The tweets in question were broached by McCammond proactively when interviewing for the Teen Vogue job. The powers that be told her they wouldn’t be an issue,” he wrote Saturday. “But the powers that be at many news organizations and publications no longer are powerful. It’s the woke staffers who run the asylums now.”

“The mob won”

Concha also recalled the firing of New York Times reporter Donald McNeil, Jr., a 45-year veteran of the paper who experienced a similar fate after it came to light that he had repeated a racial slur back “to a student who asked him a question about it while attempting to understand the context.”

“The Times‘s executive editor, Dean Baquet, originally ruled in favor of McNeil, arguing that the reporter hadn’t used the slur with any intentions that ‘were hateful or malicious.’ That should have been the end of it — but it wasn’t,” Concha wrote Saturday.

“More than 150 woke staffers at the Times wanted his scalp, regardless of his more than four decades at the paper or the context or intent of his words. Said staffers sent a scathing letter about Baquet to the newspaper’s publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, who ruled that McNeil had to go,” Concha said. “The mob won.”

A bumpy ride

Indeed, it’s become clear that no one really cares about anyone’s intent or context anymore. If you violate social norms, you risk angering the mob and having your reputation destroyed until you are finally fired or forced to resign.

To put an end to this cancel culture nonsense, it’s going to take some editors and producers with the courage to stand up to the woke mobs and their stranglehold on pop culture. Until then, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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  1. It is my hope that all in the “cancel culture” who have businesses or who are in the “entertainment” business either go broke, have their businesses closed or have their gigs cancelled due to poor ticket sales AND THEY ALL CATCH COVID !!!!

    1. I’m in my middle 70s and this cancell culture are grossly stupid, your either white or a person of color, it doesn’t make or brake what your color is, itdepends on common sense honesty and outlook that is healthy.l

    2. Right on. Add to that they should all be killed by an illegal in their sanctuary cities. “Poetic Justice!” They deserve nothing but hardship and sorrow in their disgusting hateful lives. find out who their Mothers were and prosecute them for not aborting these POS!

  2. No worries, one of the “ woke mob” will say something that will not set well with the rest, and they will reap their own karma. Happens every time! They are too dumb to understand if you put it on line anywhere, it doesn’t go away, even if deleted. And—- it can come back to bite you many years later!

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    1. Yes, I agree! Do all of these illegal immigrants realize that they are now coming to a country that is as bad as their own, as our freedoms are gradually broken away. What a rude awakening for them??????

  4. If you don’t like the way thinks are here, go somewhere else. Most of the people that complain are the the lazy and useless people. Trump 2024!

  5. Wishing people bad stuff doesn’t make things right… the American Communist Party cares little for the people… just money, power and control… sad but things will get much worse…

  6. More proof that 16 year old should NOT have the right to vote. Immature minds and unfinished thoughts and thinking .

  7. Its really too bad that the corvid didn’t hit the white house. Getting rid of the old democrat’s might just clear up many of the problems were facing today. It seem to be a contest on which of them can be the stupidest trying to impose laws and regulation’s on the rest of the country And where did these dumb M/F ers come from. There big take over plan is going to end badly. Sad thing is there going to take us along with them in the downward spiral . Where is a good epidemic when you need one.

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